The resistance is growing and the media can’t cover it up

Though White House handlers and the mainstream media continuously attempt to insulate President Joe Biden from having to confront serious public scrutiny, the voice of the people will always eventually be heard, as evidenced by the appearance on interstate highways of billboards highly critical of the commander in chief.

As the Harrisburg 100 website reports, signage has popped up along I-83 near York, Pennsylvania in which Biden is depicted brandishing a weapon and sporting the garb of an Islamic fundamentalist fighter, with the signs reading in bold lettering “Making the Taliban Great Again!”

Clearly an expression of disgust over the Biden administration’s egregious mishandling of the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan – as well as a play on former President Donald Trump’s signature slogan of “Make America Great Again,” the Pennsylvania billboards are but one indication of the growing dissatisfaction among the electorate with the direction in which the country is being taken.

Just last month, Wilmington, North Carolina NBC affiliate WECT reported on another billboard that cropped up in its viewing area which had no written message associated with, but simply an image of a quizzical Biden holding an ice cream cone while gazing at a helicopter hovering over the American embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan in what appears to be an evacuation effort.

As the outlet noted, a second, seemingly related image was posted on the same Wilmington-area billboard, and it simply showed the president peering out a window from behind a set of blinds.

In addition to roadside expressions of disdain for the current president, it appears that everyday opponents of his policies are becoming bolder when it comes to engaging in vocal public protest during Biden’s personal appearances.

Just last week, as Biden toured areas of New Jersey that were ravaged by tropical storm Ida, he was heckled by a group of demonstrators who took vocal issue with his handling of events in Afghanistan, which they believe directly led to the deaths of U.S. service members and the abandonment of American citizens behind enemy lines.

“My country is going to s*** and you’re allowing it,” one protestor shouted, with another yelling out to Biden, “You leave Americans behind!” as Fox News noted.

Of course, in his characteristically tone-deaf and clueless manner, Biden simply dismissed the words of his critics by claiming that they are not residents of the area impacted by the storm, that they are opponents of his policies on climate change, and, naturally, that they just “don’t understand.”