The military beings it’s purge of the Marines who won’t accept COVID-19 vaccination

The United States military has started to purge its ranks of those who have declined to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations with reports that more than 200 Marines have been removed so far. 

According to Fox News, the outlet confirmed that 206 U.S. Marines were kicked out of the service since near the end of November for not taking the vaccination.

“Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Aug. 25 directed all military branches to ensure service members receive the vaccine as the number of cases surged over the summer,” Fox News reported.

“The deadlines for each branch of the military passed as of Dec. 15, and disciplinary action appeared to immediately follow.”

Fox News Digital received statements from several of the Marines who refused to get the vaccination and were granted anonymity in the interest of speaking freely. One said that it was, in reality, a “political purge” by the Biden administration.

The Biden administration is forcing out the military’s “best and brightest” over their deeply held beliefs that should be protected by the First Amendment, according to the military members. 

“There’s something fundamentally wrong at this point with our nation’s leadership,” said a major with more than 17 years of active service.

“We are facing an unconstitutional edict that I think is very targeted as a political purge, taking out some of the best and brightest soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and guardians from the Space Force.”

“I saw one package from a sergeant who had attached, like, 30 pages of material to substantiate why his belief was sincere, under no lawful obligation to do so,” a master sergeant said. “And then to have this as a response with no individual inquiry and just a generalized assertion of governmental interest is insulting.”