The Media Is Lying About Feeble Joe – Here’s The Proof

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15 Responses

  1. I think if Biden happens to fall, have a heart attack, a stroke, or any other problem, and dies while he’s in office.

    The Democratic Party (the left) needs to be held responsible for forcing/coercing him to represent their party
    as President with his obvious disabilities.

  2. Well lets see, Biden has made meany errors since taking over, his mental sharpness, forgetting where he is, forgetting names of people standing right behind him, going to answer questions after the press has been removed from the press room, not realizing he mess he has made on the border with he insane immigration policy, or rather the lack of one, leading by executive orders now tripping going up the stairs to board Air Force 1 these actions are scary coming from a man who is supposed to be president

  3. There many things which can be said of Biden’s behavior and actions. It is not surprising that Republicans are critizing Biden but the Dem’s are now beginning to do the same. “Buyers Remorse”???? Our problems will escalate when the heir-apparent Harris is sworn in. IMO this was the plan from the outset. She brings a whole new definition of a “One Percenter”!

  4. Anonymous you are absolutely right I’m also a California and I’ve noticed a big spike in my gas prices what my biggest fear is California will get the birth of the illegals coming in and California will support it we don’t have much options other than to get out of this state and leave it to the illegals still good luck my friend cuz I’m close to your age as well have a good day


  6. Come on, MAN! I’m 85 and don’t have any problems walking/talking. Biden’s comment in Texas and many other places is, “What am I doing here?” The states should turn on the XL pipeline, and finish the border well. Texas should bus all of the immigrants coming across illegally to D.C.!! I have no complaints with folk coming here for a better life the correct way but enough is enough! Biden should send all of the guards at the White House and Capital to help at the border! This IS a CRISIS!!
    Has Biden been to the border to investigate what is happening? Gas here in California has risen to a dollar plus per gallon!

    1. I agree to send the illegals to DC after all they still have that maga fence still up good way to keep them all locked in–Better hurray tho I hear Nancy has been ordered to take it down.

  7. Biden was never qualified as Presidential material. Now at an advanced age he is obviously incompetent but has the awesome responsibility of the Office. May God save the USA.

  8. Now the if the world doesn’t know how weak the king is now they will surely know. Wind blowing does not cause this. Maybe a tornado. As all the older folks here call all people with his problems. Bless his heart. Sorry just sorry. Expect war at anytime now. Any country with a set is coming for us now.

  9. Now that there’s evidence that hiding Biden has Alzheimer’s then all of his EO should be nullified. States should not have to go to court to start the XL pipeline back up nor continue construction on the border wall

  10. Now that his mental faculties are all but gone his physical health is now going,we knew all to well during election this man’s health was failing it was obvious and yet the Democrats still pushed him onward,the reason is so they can manipulate him for thier own agenda’s and that’s why they went to the lengths they did to rig the election,they’re power hungry greedy people who could care less for the American people and thier actions are proving it

    1. This is elder abuse if they are knowingly letting him make decisions. If he is mentally incompetent then his decisions are all void and null. But here’s the key, prove it.

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