The Lincoln Project shells out massive ‘mystery’ payments to former founding member

The nightmare of an establishment Super PAC known as The Lincoln Project just made headlines once again after what’s being called a “mystery payment” was issued to one of the founding members who had previously claimed that the organization ignored the sexual misconduct within the group’s ranks.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Jennifer Horn, a former founding member, received a staggering $100,000 payment from the Super PAC in the first quarter of this year.

The outlet added: “The Lincoln Project has paid Horn a total of $475,000 in mystery legal payments since she resigned from the group amid allegations that cofounder John Weaver made unwanted sexual advances to more than 20 young men.”

Why is it a mystery? Because the terms of whatever settlement has obviously been reached between Horn and the rabid anti-Trump PAC is still a total secret. Some believe that the group is going to great monetary lengths to silence her from further public bashing.

“She criticized the group in October for hiring operatives to pose as white nationalists at a rally for Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R., Va.) but has not mentioned the allegations against Weaver,” The Free Beacon noted.

Actions like that are what make the consistent and lucrative payments so mysterious, as the two sides went after each other publicly over a number of issues, with Horn slinging thick mud over the groups’ handling of the sexual misconduct scandal involving founder John Weaver.

The Lincoln Project gained infamy during the 2020 election, when it vowed to work against Donald Trump, spending money to ensure that he didn’t win a second term in the White House.

Republicans associated with the group are establishment, left-leaning RINOs who are only interested in protecting the elite political class that has been exposed over the past six or so years.