The Joe Biden facade is collapsing

Mark Angiledes writes:

“In the prelude to the 2020 election, much speculation was made of the mental state of then-candidate Joe Biden. Were the comments and the questions merely partisan attacks designed to derail his electoral hopes, or has the American public been sold a president in premature decline?

This may be a more difficult question to answer when it’s understood that direct lines of communication are effectively closed and that there is an army of gatekeepers ready to defend, explain, and cover for the gaffe-prone president. The Team Biden Rapid Response activists, many of whom are themselves members of the Fourth Estate, seem ready, willing, and able to run cover for the numerous errors and contradictions that erupt from the White House occupant.

…At times, President Biden speaks with great clarity and pace; other times he comes across like a drunk at a cocktail party trying to remember the punchline of a joke. The issue is perhaps not that he gets lost in his thoughts while trying to explain things, or that he contradicts himself – sometimes in the same paragraph – but that the Fourth Estate is covering for him and, it seems, protecting him from the public.

If no one tells you that you ramble, you will never stop. If your friends do not let you know that you have a personal hygiene issue, you’re going to continue to stink up the room.

The media does Biden no favors by “explaining” away all his issues. It encourages the public to think their president is inept and their news outlets dishonest. Perhaps worst of all, it consigns Joe Biden to a disappointing legacy where everyone talks behind his back about his failures and offers him no opportunity to do the job right.”

The full story is at Liberty Nation.