The Coast Guard forced to fire dozens of warning shots at Iranian vessels encroaching on US fleet

The United States Coast Guard has fired 30 warning shots at armed Iranian vessels in the Strait of Hormuz according to The Daily Mail.

The Coast Guard was responding to the Iranian speedboats who came within yards of seven American military vessels on Monday.

According to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, the Iranian boats came as near as 150 yards of the six U.S. military vessels who were escorting the guided-missile submarine Georgia.

Kirby said that the boats “were acting very aggressively,” of the Iranian boats who were approaching American manned vessels.

This encounter was the second of its kind in the past two weeks, according to the Daily Mail. Their report indicated that the United States ship opened fire to warn vessels of Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard.

After the Coast Guard fired warning shots from a .50 caliber machine gun before the Iranian vessels reportedly left.

Kirby declined to comment on whether he believed the Iranians were attempting to pick a fight with the Navy:

“Sadly, harassment by the IRGC Navy is not a new phenomenon,” Kirby told reporters at the Pentagon. “It is something that all of our commanding officers and the crews of our vessels are trained to for. This activity is the kind of activity that could lead to somebody getting hurt and could lead to a real miscalculation there in the region, and that doesn’t serve anybody’s interests.'”

This comes as unrest in the Middle East is increasing with continued attacks by Hamas terrorists have forced Israel to retaliate in kind.