Thanks to Biden, states are being denied life-saving antibody COVID treatments

Though we probably do not hear about it enough in the mainstream media, monoclonal antibody treatments have been proven to be highly effective in treating patients who contract COVID-19, oftentimes preventing the serious complications that can arise as a result of catching the virus.

According to The Epoch Times, the COVID-19 treatment has become so wildly popular and in-demand that the Biden administration has stepped in to make sure that the treatments are distributed “equitably” among states. The administration’s approach to the issue is already raising eyebrows in the healthcare community. 

For instance, in states like Alabama, there already exists a shortage in monoclonal antibody treatments, and with the U.S. government rationing how much of the treatment each state can receive, some experts are predicting an uptick in COVID-19 deaths that could possibly have otherwise been prevented.

“We were originally told [by the federal government] we were only going to get 70 percent of our allocation. That means 30 percent of people are not being treated, and some of them will die,” said Dr. Scott Harris, Alabama’s health officer.

“That is not acceptable. … This is not right, what the federal government’s doing,” the doctor added.

The problem is that up until this month, hospitals and other healthcare centers could order the antibody treatments from the U.S. government and have them shipped directly to the hospitals, depending on the needs at any given time.

But now that the Biden administration admitted that it’s taking the equitable approach, which was confirmed by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki earlier this month, it appears as if another crisis is brewing as a result.

A Health and Human Services official reportedly told The Epoch Times: “Transitioning to a state/territory-coordinated distribution system gives health departments maximum flexibility to get mAbs where they are needed most.”

However, just like virtually any issue that the Biden administration involves itself in, the situation always seems to go from bad to worse, very quickly.