Texas Senate approves significant voting legislation

Following a contentious presidential election cycle that prompted countless Americans to question the validity of the outcome and doubt the veracity of the vote totals, state legislatures across the country are exploring ways to restore faith in the integrity of the franchise.

On Thursday, by a vote of 18-13, the GOP-led Texas Senate approved an election reform bill that aims to shorten early voting periods, to prohibit drive-through voting, and to take other key steps designed to ensure that elections are held in a manner citizens can trust, according to the Washington Examiner.

Senate Bill 7 also empowers party-affiliated poll watchers to record video footage that can be submitted to the secretary of State if they believe unlawful activity is taking place on Election Day and restricts the manner in which officials may assist voters by requiring them to complete documentation explaining why help was needed, according to NBC News.

The bill, which now moves to the Texas House for its approval, would also require the state to establish an online portal that would enable voters to track their ballot application status, and to use the system, identification such as a social security number, driver’s license, or other similar document would be required, the Examiner noted.

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued a statement touting the reforms, saying that the measure “will strengthen the public’s faith in our electoral process and ensure that every Texan knows that when they cast their ballot, their vote is secure.”

Earlier this month, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed into law a series of election reforms in his state that includes limitations on the use of ballot drop boxes, enactment of voter ID requirements, and the placement of additional safeguards on absentee voting processes, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Georgia law has drawn sharp criticism from activists on the left, corporate CEOs, and even Major League Baseball, which pulled its 2021 All-Star game from Atlanta, acquiescing to groups claiming that it will negatively impact minorities’ ability to vote.

Corporations with a large presence in Texas, including Dell Technologies and American Airlines, are now aligning to oppose the reform measures that have passed the state Senate and are now being taken up by the House, according to NPR.

As Lt. Gov. Patrick succinctly put it, “Texans are fed up with corporations that don’t share our values trying to dictate public policy,” and it is not just the right, but indeed the obligation of his state’s legislature to preserve the sanctity of the ballot box and provide free, fair, and trustworthy elections.

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  1. Please Arizona wake up and follow Texas and Georgia. I would love to feel a trustworthy election again….Some states have the balls to do what’s right for their citizens since our govmt won’t do it. Who cares what our sports industry thinks. We pay for them to play and it’s time to stop….. .

  2. I have lived in Texas for over 20 years now and even though that doesn’t make me a true texan I wouldn’t go any where else. In those years I have always voted and always had ID.

  3. I have just heard it…..YEAH. “The legislatures are working on……”. That right only the state legislatures control the elections and how they are set up. FINALLY I READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The first time I voted in an election was in 1972. I was 21 y/o. I felt Proud to be standing in line waiting to cast my first vote ever. I also felt worried, taking on this grand responsibility. I had my drivers license for ID & had registered to vote as required by law. After I got inside & I saw the line I needed to follow in order to check in to vote. There were three Ladies sitting at the table where everyone in line had to be individually identified & confirmed before being sent to the booth to cast your vote. I was still concerned when I approached the table even though the first Lady was a neighborhood friend I grew up with, the second was my aunt & the third was my Mother. Neither of the three gave me any slack. I still had to show my ID, verbally confirm that my name, address & age as correct. They looked me up on the list of legally registered voters in my district & State, then allowed me to move on to the voting booth. Eventually, due to our work my husband & I had to apply for the right to cast our vote via absentee ballot. No difficulties for us which is why I can’t understand why other people can’t seem to accomplish this simple task. It is your Duty as an American Citizen!

  5. So 13 members of the Texas State Legislature do not want honest elections?
    Please name and shame them?

  6. Make mail-in ballots illegal. Make photo voter ID cards mandatory. Provide certified birth certificate to get photo voter ID. Only allow American born citizens to vote.

  7. I am 81 years old and since turning 30 I have never seen an election where I did not think Fraud existed. People are dumb if they think differenr. The last election was corrupt without a doubt the states and places that changed their election laws unlawfully is enough to prove it.

  8. GREAT NEWS!!! GOOD FOR TEXAS for joining with Georgia to make our elections honest again and so that the corrupt democrats can’t steal them from us!! Hopefully even more courageous states will join in this movement to make and preserve HONEST ELECTIONS!!!!

  9. Louisiana. The state of Huey Long politics. Good luck with getting those laws from the Big Mouthed Gators in Baton Rouge.

  10. I am from Louisiana. I hope and pray that our Government do the same as Georgia and hopefully Texas. It is refreshing to hear that America now have the balls to ignore the corporate companies and stand on its own two feet. I honestly feel the was many fraudulent votes in the November 3rd. Election. It made a tremendous difference on the way our government treats America First. So come on Louisiana make the new laws.

  11. Exactly right! We have have more power if we just use it… stop paying for any of their products, games ect..I’ve given up coke (&it’s products) football & now baseball… will give up more if these companies think that they can force me to buy their stuff while calling me a racist & force me to summit to their way of thinking!

  12. It’s funny now all these Republicans, judges and others that did not give American votes a voice when the knew there was fraud now wants to come out and claim it was fraud.a little too late we are in this mess because you all failed us now your looking like part of the Biden clown circus.dont for get the supreme couts that failed the American people over and over.we can’t even trust the courts or law makers, DOJ, FBI what a joke you have all became.Democrats have gotten away with so much crime and un just things they are protected by the fake media among others. Democrats have run this country in the ground..

  13. Was considering purchase of a Dell laptop but now I will not purchase from them because they obviously don’t think as I do about election integrity.

    1. Sorry thing to have to adjust our purchases bu the actions of others. Gotta go, going to get another PEPSI (not a Woke-a-Cola).

  14. About business’ dictating our Laws. Stinks to high heaven. I quit watching the NFL, going to games, buying their products, when the players forced Arizona to establish MLK Day as a holiday. MLK held protests, Salk saved lives and MLK led marchs. DeBakey saved lives. Many really great people having done so much in saving lives aren’t even mentioned, certainly not like this Pulpit Pounder! So I say good riddance to the MLB!

  15. Good for Texas and Georgia! ALL states should do the same! If corporate America disagrees, too bad! They don’t run the states, the PEOPLE do! That goes for the sports leagues as well. They should not be telling the state how elections should be run! We, the people, have a right to free and FAIR elections, WE decide how we vote, not them!

    1. in your dreams the religions run everything cut the head of the snake off, RELIGIONs and it’s over.

  16. How does setting reasonable rules infringe on a voters access to vote?? You have to show an ID to do MANY OTHER THINGS such as get on an airplane, buy liquor,Get through TSA, to get on a cruise, when being pulled over by the police and on and on. So showing an ID to vote should be no different. Don’t have an ID? There are many ways to get a government issued identification card. If you are not an American citizen, you can not LEGALLY vote anyway!!
    I think a mail in ballot must be controlled with an application process that requires a valid form of identification and a deadline of at least 2 weeks prior to the Election Day. That ballot should then be mailed or personally delivered to arrive at the election office by Election Day.
    Early voting should be not more than 7 days long and should be from midweek over the weekend and end midweek before the Election Day.

    1. I agree with you on all you have said. We have the Law now, but the Dem’s will challenge and challenge, etc. That is their way of doing business. If they don’t get wht they want they throw a tantrum, lay on the floor and kick their feet, cry a river of dry tears, and ereyone that support the Law as not believing in freedom. The Hillary option is what I call it.

  17. God Bless Texas About time to protect the election from being compromised by the crooked people who think it is to difficult to show an I’D and claim people are too stupid to enter a license number to vote

    1. These same people who the left says limits voter rights seem to get Social Security , Medicare, food and housing benefits and all require and ID. Need ID for a Covid shot.

      When is the left going to protect my vote ? I’ve proven who I am!

  18. More than happy to provide proper ID when I vote (tickled RED). proof odf citizenship is alittle to ask for the greatest right we have. Proud to be a TEXAN!!!!!

    1. It’s is the LAW.. you must be a citizen to vote.. Dems have forgotten that, and they just don’t give a S–T anyway.. TERM LIMITS .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Each state is responsible for its own voting laws. If the big companies don’t like what their states do, they can move to other states and give up the perks of the state’s they chose. Bye bye….

  20. Since when does big business have a right to interfere in state business? Texas or Georgia big business stay out of politics.

    1. Democrats,china,russia,and more, paid texas election officials 450 million dollars too turn texas blue. I want too know names of those who got that kind of money, were they contract,gov. Employees, or just volunteers???? And did they put it on their. IRS TAX BILL AND TEXAS STATE TAXES. AND YES I AM A TEXSAN. COME ON RRLEASE THESE TREASONOUS TRSITORS NAMES AND TAX RETURNS.

        1. No Marie, He is not but your boy Biden sure is along with China too and Iran . That of course is anyone that will line his pocket like the Obama bunch and Clinton bunch.

        2. There aren’t enough words in the English language to express just how willfully ignorant, and unbelievably stupid that malformed statement really is!!!

          Here is a better option, feel free to make it your own!

          Why would ANYBODY vote for Biden who is ON VIDEO actually colluding with the Ukraine government when they could have voted for TRUMP on whom the dims could pin NOTHING when it comes to corrupt dealings with Russia! NOTHING! You have NO idea what TRUTH is, or how to recognize it!

        3. Marie, you don’t know that he is Putin’s buddy. If he was would he apply so many sanctions against Russia as he did? Or at least remove the US sanctions that are imposed on Russia? He is in political communications with Putin and they do maintain a mutual respect and civility for the others person but to say they are ‘buddies’ is something very far from the truth. You really should do more personal research before repeating what the Democrat leadership or biased News Networks tell you. I know, sadly you have to trust somebody and ‘CNN and NYT said’ but look at the views presented from both sides before shouting out falsehoods that has no valid support.

        4. Would you rather have another 10 years of Cold War? Or maybe even a real war with Russia? Trump got along with about all the world leaders. They knew when he told them something that he would do what he told them. He had a lot of respect from about all the foreign countries. Biden has none with anyone, not even this country.

        5. Biden is in with China and that is provable if the DOJ and FBI weren’t in bed with the Democrats. Quid pro quo Biden is corrupt.

      1. Absolutely so and yes I am a Texan as well. If they are getting anything for their efforts to screw the American people of this state and country then they can get the Hell out of Texas and move their crap to China. That will leave room for American companies for a change.

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