Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana are taking the Biden administration to court

The deep southern states of Texas Mississippi and Louisiana have taken the Biden administration to court over their American Rescue Plan mandate that would stop states from offering tax cuts to their citizens, according to The Washington Examiner.

Texas led the charge, arguing that the federal government is overreaching and violating the constitution by telling states that they will not receive COVID-19 aid if they are using the money to “directly or indirectly” offset tax reductions.

“This is yet another attempt by the federal government to unlawfully exert control over how sovereign states operate,” said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

“While hiding behind a deceptively friendly name, the Act effectively removes Texas’ ability to lower taxes while granting Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen power to take back federal aid funds if they disagree with state tax policies.”

According to Paxton, if Texas chooses not to enforce their unemployment or payroll taxes on small businesses suffering after the COVID-19 shutdowns and the state is stripped of its pandemic funding, that’s a big problem.

The three states came together to file an 18-page complaint in federal court where they asked the court to declare the tax law mandate being used as leverage by the Biden administration, unenforceable.

According to The Examiner, the White House did not immediately response to their request for comment. However, in March Yellen claimed that the provision didn’t impact the state’s tax policies indicating that they believe the administration was within its rights to enact it.

“Nothing in the Act prevents States from enacting a broad variety of tax cuts,” she said in a letter to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who previously raised concerns over the mandate.

Just for frame of reference, Texas is slated to receive $16.45 billion from the American Rescue Plan which would put a serious dent in the state’s budget, should it be snatched away at the behest of the Biden administration.

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  5. Biden is just a figure head that is controlled by Obama & Soras. They cheated to get him in office and now they have complete control of our government! If we the people don’t stand up now and take back control of our government and our country, we won’t have a country to call our own anymore! The wolves are at the door ready to pounce and unless we take a stand and stop them now, well we are Damned and the United States of America will be no more!!!

  6. Looks like swamp gas is working overtime. Fed’s force states to collect higher taxes then needed and swamp swallows funds scammed from appropriation bills. Poof, now what government vacuum gets blamed for excess collections?

  7. I think it’s great that Biden wants to spend all this money he doesn’t have. I can’t wait to take my wheel barrow down to the local Publix store only 8 miles away. I do that because I can’t afford the gas for my car , I need the exercise anyway. To make sure I get plenty of exercise I fill my wheel barrow with 20 to 30 pounds of paper money to make sure I have enough money to buy the loaf of bread I ordered 3 months ago. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH BIDEN I KNOW YOU ARE LOOKING OUT FOR MY BEST INTERESTS AND THOSE OF THIS COUNTRY. Besides, I know you think I need the exercise.
    Thanks again Biden

  8. The Washington Swamp love a weak, confused president.
    That allows them to get away with their perpetual scams.
    Of course, we the people suffer, but who ever cared about that ?

  9. Rescue plan is more like a hostage plan for each state. Take govt. Or we the peoples money and we got you, trap is set.. next it will be keep your mask on to kiss your wife and kids too.. i got something the king biden gang can kiss. What a joke for a so called president… alltohailwithkingbiden

  10. Ole Joe is nothing more than a figure-head. He is a Rubber Stamp who signs whatever is put in front of him & reads whatever is put in front of him. Not one independent thought runs through his head. He is the MOST divisive president we have ever had. Race relations are at an all-time low because he pits one ethnic group against another. I heard him ask Nancy Pelosi what she wanted him to do, (he was lost), just tell me what you want me to do & I will do it just before he was to give one of his heart stirring speeches.

    1. What a very dumb, ugly and bewildered head.. His body would probably function better with out the the head as in the headless horseman instead it would be the headless career politician.

  11. Know why someone had to take the creeps law school exams. He was explaining that “We The People “ meant the government. It must be Obama pulling Biden’s puppet strings. Obama thought he was going to pull the heifer, Hillary’s, strings but our Wonderful President Trump fooled him. They had to steal the election like Kennedy did from Nixon.

  12. Practice makes perfect for Biden. Obama just ran out of time, until he could pull the strings as Biden’s puppet master. What a gruesome twosome. Together they will try their damnedest to destroy this country. Marxism at it best!

  13. All of you ignorant people who have jumped on the vogue word “impact” to mean affect or effect need to realize that impact is NOT a more expressive word for affect and does NOT mean the same thing.

  14. seems that the Obama,Biden ticket is back on track, tryiing to destroy the constitution, and the Democrats stay silent, just as they did under Obama, Biden’s previous 8 years!

    1. I was never quiet during Obama’s yrs. In WH. He NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE! HE IS THE ANTICHRIST!!! He stayed in DC to keep stirring up trouble. Ppl were afraid to speak up against him bc he was first Black Pres. I don’t care if he was purple!!! He is EVIL!!!

  15. Biden is too brainless to know what his puppet string pullers are doing. He’s needs to be put in a straight jacket, and put in a Home for the mentally deranged!

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        1. the fraud they played on you and me in the 2020 election!! and the states that helped do it!!!!!!!!!!

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