Texas man charged for Capitol riot involvement, outed by person who knew him for 20 years

The ongoing investigation into the events that took place on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol and the people involved in those events was predicted to be one of the largest and most intensive federal investigations in modern history.

While a bulk of the protesters who showed up that day were peaceful, those in the group that split off and attacked the Capitol building are still being identified and charged. According to Law and Crime, the latest is a 41-year-old man by the name of Kerry Wayne Persick, who was identified to authorities by someone who has known him for 20 years. 

Persick reportedly appeared in a number of photographs and video clips of the rioting action that took place on that day, both inside the Capitol building and outside, as he sported a bright red “Make America Great Again” hat.

Persick, who hails from Texas, was outed by the person close to him through the use of an online tip portal managed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Video footage and several pictures of Persick were shown to the anonymous tipster, who confirmed that it was, in fact, Persick in the footage.

Hammering the final investigative nail into confirming Persick’s involvement in the Capitol riots were his AT&T phone records, which suggested Persick “utilized a cell site tower consistent with providing service to a geographic area that included the interior of the United States Capitol building.”

According to filed charging documents, Persick is facing a long list of serious federal charges, including “knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building without lawful authority, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building, violent entry, and demonstrating in a Capitol building.”

He’ll join roughly 440 others who have already been charged, with over 100 of them charged with especially serious crimes such as assaulting or impeding federal police officers.

Notably, according to Fox 4 News, Persick is the 23rd individual from the North Texas area to be charged for taking part in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.