Texas House Speaker issues arrest warrant for Texas Democrat who fled back to Washington

Texas state House Speaker Dade Phelan announced an arrested warrant was issued for a Democrat, Rep. Philip Cortez, that fled the state in order to circumvent GOP backed voting bills, according to The Washington Examiner

Texas Democrats made headlines when they took to the skies, eventually landing in Washington, D.C. when it became apparent that they wouldn’t have enough votes to put down the voter security bills.

Phlan issued the warrants on Sunday telling the sergeant-at-arms or “any officer appointed by him” to take Cortez into custody, citing his own constitutional authority to request the arrest.

The Democrat promised last week to return to Austin and engage in “good faith dialogue” with his colleagues. However, he immediately returned to Washington to join nearly 60 other Texas Democrats all of whom are away from. home to keep Texas from gaining the quorum needed to pass legislation.

Cortez’s conciliatory announcement was lit into by his fellow Democrats. He later returned to his district, citing a lack of “substantive results” when working with House Republicans on the voting bills.

“After discussions on improving House Bill 3 have not produced progress, I have rejoined my Democratic colleagues in Washington, D.C. I stand firm in my resolve to remain with the Democratic Caucus until the special session ends and to do whatever it takes to fight for the freedom to vote for all Texans,” he said in a statement.

While Texas law enforcement lacks jurisdiction in Washington D.C., Phelan said that Cortez has “irrevocably broken” his “trust and the trust of this chamber.”

“As a condition of being granted permission to temporarily leave the House floor, Rep. Cortez promised his House colleagues that he would return,” the Republican added. “Instead, he fled the state.”

The House Speaker has also requested that Democrats return their $221-per-diam stipend that they’re still receiving while actively avoiding their responsibilities in Texas.

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John Grouten (@guest_384493)
1 month ago

I am discussed with your way giving money. I have written 50 plus checks and you are still on my butt for more. Please give me a call. How much have you given?? You keep asking to give to Tim Scott I have a few times already. Check your fancy money schemes.

Gil (@guest_384098)
1 month ago

Lock them all up for not doing what they were elected to do. Then throw away the keys

Janice Renfro (@guest_384030)
1 month ago

We want our money back from the time they got on the plane until the voting is finished!!! And all expenses incurred for their leaving of their duties they were voted in to do!!

Tom F (@guest_384052)
Reply to  Janice Renfro
1 month ago

Socialist only take! They need to ship them all to wuhan for a real vacation with a whet sight seeing your! See how they’re treated along with a gay and lesbian Chinese community visit!

SherryEvans (@guest_384014)
1 month ago

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Last edited 1 month ago by SherryEvans
Margie D Johnson (@guest_383946)
1 month ago

I believe they shouldn’t get paid. They should pay any expenses that they incurred that the tax payers paid for should be paid back. And I believe they should spend some time in jail, to show if any one does this in the future THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES

Oscar V Pearson (@guest_383944)
1 month ago

Treat him like those in jail for the Jan. 6th protest!

cozycalico (@guest_383941)
1 month ago

Oh I like that! I hope it actually happens and he ends up in jail for a year or more.

Katydid (@guest_383938)
1 month ago

Have any of the cowardly Texas dems been asked point blank what is wrong with securing our election system? How is requiring id a form of racism? If so what was their answer?

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