Texas governor orders state law enforcement officials to arrest illegal immigrants

The immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border isn’t improving, and it doesn’t appear as if President Joe Biden’s administration has much interest in fixing one of the most critical threat’s to the country’s safety.

According to The Hill, Biden’s inaction hasn’t stopped Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) from following through on his promise to protect the residents of his state, as the governor announced that state law enforcement officials have been ordered to begin arresting illegal immigrants, with dozens already in cuffs after the initiative launched this week. 

The governor’s efforts to make a dent in the illegal immigrant situation comes as part of promises made in June in which Abbott vowed not only to take a hardline stance on the issue but also vowed to complete former President Donald Trump’s border wall at the state’s border with Mexico.

Abbott and his team also had the foresight to figure out the logistics of where the arrested illegal immigrants will be detained, especially given the expected large number of arrests. As the Associated Press reported, an empty state prison facility in Dilley, Texas will be used to house the detainees.

According to a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the facility can reportedly hold some 950 detained illegals.

The state presumably has other locations in mind as part of the plan, as some have predicted upwards of 200 illegals could be arrested on a daily basis as part of Abbott’s plan to mitigate the number of illegal aliens freely wandering around his state.

Val Verde County Attorney David Martinez warned that the rapidly increasing number of detainees will likely quickly overwhelm the capabilities of his office.

Martinez warned: “[Those numbers] would overwhelm not only my office, but our entire system pretty quickly.”

While the state undoubtedly has a monumental logistics challenge with regard to where the detainees will be held, at least Abbott has taken action to begin tamping down on a threat that poses a great danger to all Texans, which is far more than the Biden administration has done.