Texas Gov Abbott is leading a revolt against Biden

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris aren’t making much progress on quelling the raging immigration crisis currently unfolding at the southern U.S. border, which has sparked intense backlash from a number of Republican politicians.

According to Politico, one of those critics includes Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who is unafraid and more than willing to challenge the Biden administration on a number of issues. As the governor of a border state, he also happens to be one of the few Republicans who hold the power to do what needs to be done to keep his citizens safe, like begin construction of a border wall. 

Not only is Abbott taking measures to mitigate the impact of the immigration surge into his state, but he’s also signed a number of bills into state law that goes against everything the Biden administration is trying to accomplish at a federal level.

Recently, the Texas governor signed into law a piece of legislation that bans the teaching of critical race theory. He also made national headlines after becoming the latest state in the union to make “Constitutional carry,” legal for Texans — meaning they no longer have to obtain special identification to legally carry a handgun.

Given the spate of laws and executive orders that Abbott has signed since the new administration entered the White House earlier this year, including his proclamation that he’ll have a border wall built by the state, Politico described Abbott as the “unlikely leader of the Biden resistance.”

James Dickey, the former chair of the Texas Republican Party, seconded that notion, proudly telling the outlet that he believes Texas will lead the way against Biden’s disastrous lack of action on the border crisis.

“We are the tip of the spear, we are on the front of the battle lines, no question,” Dickey said. “With the federal government entirely abdicating their responsibility, that leaves us on the border needing to take up the fight, and Governor Abbott is clearly doing that.”

Upping the ante, it was also recently announced that Abbott would be accompanying former President Donald Trump to the southern U.S. border at the end of June. That partnership will undoubtedly please millions of conservatives across the country, and Republican strategists have labeled it as a “smart move.”

Abbott might have had a few setbacks during the pandemic when he joined other states in introducing various mandates and restrictions, but his recent actions once again prove that he’s unafraid to fight back against Biden’s failing policies, in the name of freedom and safety.