Texas Dem candidate drops out of race, cites too many ‘white male Christians’ in politics

Matthew Dowd, who until this week was a candidate for the position of lieutenant governor of Texas, suddenly dropped out of the race, and only made headlines for his absolutely bizarre and asinine reason for exiting.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Dowd, a self-proclaimed “thought leader,” said his reason for quitting the race was due to an idea he put forth in a 2018 column he wrote for ABC News in which he said politics is dominated by white, male Christians, and that it’s time for people of color to have a chance to hold positions of power. 

Dowd said the decision to end his campaign was “from a place of integrity,” adding that “a diverse field is now emerging in the Democratic primary for this office.”

“I do not want to be the one who stands in the way of the greater diversity we need in politics,” Dowd added, failing to mention that the only two other candidates running for that particular office happen to both be — you guessed it — white. A white man and a white woman.

The female candidate, however, released a statement praising Dowd for stepping out, thanking him for “showing his respect” to Texas voters, instead of telling the likely truth, which is that it’s simply one less opponent she has to deal with in the run-up to the election.

“Women have been underrepresented in politics for too long,” Beckley said, according to The Texas Tribune. “The Democratic Party is a diverse party and a party that supports the goals and aspirations of women, and in stepping back, Dowd is showing his respect for voters.”

Free Beacon writer Andrew Stiles suggested that Dowd’s dropping out could be a “thinly-veiled attack” against Beto O’Rourke, who’s running for the Texas governorship. O’Rourke, of course, is a white, male Christian.

“It remains to be seen if O’Rourke—and Joe Biden, for that matter—will step aside in the name of ‘greater diversity’ and personal ‘integrity.’ In fairness, there are few individuals on the planet as humble and principled as Dowd, who once wrote that he sometimes imagines himself as ‘having the soul of a prophet,'” Stiles said of the situation.

While Dowd might temporarily feel especially “woke” in the wake of his ridiculously dumb reason for leaving a race, something tells me that someday he’ll regret making such a fool of himself.