Terry McAuliffe’s campaign begs Fox News to kill bombshell story in leaked email

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s (D) campaign is on life support, and things have gotten so bad that his campaign begged Fox News to kill a bombshell story. 

Apparently, the McAuliffe campaign has spent over 50,000 dollars to hire Marc Elias, who runs Elias Law Group, a firm specializing in election legal challenges.

Elias worked for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 and allegedly led the efforts by the Clinton campaign to fund opposition research on former President Donald Trump.

Elias may very well have had a hand to play in the infamous and debunked “pee dossier” that the Clinton campaign used to defame Trump.

Wherever Democrats engage in legally dubious election-related activities, Marc Elias can be quickly found. Apparently, the McAullife campaign wants to keep Elias hidden.

When Fox News reached out to the McAuliffe campaign, McAuliffe spokesperson Christina Freundlich responded by begging, “Can we try to kill this.”

It’s possible that message wasn’t meant for Fox News, but that would implicate Freundlich in being extremely incompetent.

The presence of Elias and his law firm in Virginia could indicate that the McAuliffe campaign knows they are losing. Bringing in Elias to lay the groundwork to contest the election is something they will do their best to keep secret.

The writing is on the wall, and McAuliffe seems to be preparing to challenge the Virginia election results, democracy be damned.