Ted Nugent resigns from NRA board, cites ‘scheduling conflicts’

To the stunned surprise of many, noted Second Amendment advocate, hunting enthusiast, and rock-and-roll legend Ted Nugent has just announced his plans to resign from the board of the National Rifle Association (NRA) after a 26-year tenure, as Bloomberg reports.

According to Nugent, “scheduling conflicts” are to blame for his departure, with the rocker saying in a social media post discussing the move that “the time has come for me to face the dangers of burning the candle at both ends,” according to the Washington Times.

Now 72 years old, Nugent has had a reputation as one of the staunchest and most visible directors on the NRA’s board, having famously recorded and released a song titled “I am the NRA.”

Though Nugent’s decision to leave the NRA board may come as a surprise to some, he has been vocal in recent years about the lead for leadership changes at the top of the organization, particularly as the group has faced a series of high-profile court fights.

In 2019, as NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre was facing serious questions about alleged financial impropriety, Nugent did not hesitate to weigh in on what he saw as serious issues facing the advocacy group, according to The Reload.

“We need total transparency and accountability to the only important element of the NRA, and that is the ‘We The People’ membership. I promise to deliver that.”

At the time, Nugent also demanded that the board of directors “open the books’ to ensure that membership funds were “spent effectively,” in what some saw as a veiled reference to claims that LaPierre had spent lavishly on personal expenses such as high-end travel, The Reload added.

“When I go on tour, if I make $5 million, I can’t spend $10 million. It’s all a resounding ‘duh.’ Accountability in the most important civil rights organization in the world, that’s why I’m on the board,” the musician commonly known as the Motor City Madman declared.

Whether it was indeed growing frustration with internal problems at the NRA or reports that a group called Hunter Nation was about to name Nugent as its national spokesperson led to his change in status at the organization, is something that time may yet reveal.