Ted Cruz stuns Senate, targets Kamala Harris in impeachment proceedings

Ted Cruz just gave the Democrats in the impeachment trial some of their own medicine.

During the fourth day of the Senate impeachment trial, Cruz formally submitted a question targeting language Vice President Kamala Harris used in 2020.

Cruz’s question focused on whether Harris’s language would be considered incitement given the impeachment managers’ “proposed standard” for incitement.

Breitbart reports:

Cruz’s question began, “While violent riots were raging, Kamala Harris said on national TV, ‘They’re not gonna let up, and they should not,’” quoting viral comments then-Sen. Harris (D-CA) made on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert last June in reference to nationwide Black Lives Matter protests.

The protests, which were sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in May, were largely peaceful but, in many instances, ended up devolving into destructive riots throughout the country that included vandalism, looting, fires, violence, injury, and in some cases even death over the course of several months in 2020.

“And she also raised money to bail out violent rioters,” Cruz’s question continued in reference to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) Harris urged her Facebook and Twitter followers to support in June 2020.

Harris and others should be worried. They’ve unleashed the wind by politicizing impeachment. As soon as Republicans control the House, Harris may reap the political whirlwind.

Do you think Kamala Harris should be impeachment for inciting riots?