Kamala Harris’s reckless fearmongering over the vaccine EXPOSED

The Democrat party claims to be the party of science and data, but when the chips are down, they’ve proved to be one of the most reckless and anti-scientific forces in modern America. It’s truly shameful what they’ll do to win elections, and no one has more shamefully exploited and abused science that vice-presidential candidate […]

Hannity: Trump should pardon himself and his family

When it comes to the Deep State, President Trump should take no chances, says Sean Hannity. I agree. The Hill reports: Sean Hannity said on his radio and television shows Monday that he thinks President Trump should pardon himself in order to avoid a potential prosecution from the incoming Biden administration. The conservative host referred to an op-ed […]

Democrat house candidate magically erases 28,000 vote deficit, ‘wins’ by 13 votes

Even by Democrat standards, this is shameless. A Democrat congressional candidate from New York is declaring victory in his race after overcoming a 28,000-vote deficit and winning the race by 13 votes, after a Democrat judge ordered a recount including spoiled ballots. The strange outcome has even moved many mainstream outlets to raise questions. HotAir […]

President Trump goes nuclear in his first interview since the election

President Trump just went on air for the first time since the 2020 election – and he didn’t hold back. He spoke straight to the viewers of host Maria Bartiromo’s Fox show: “We don’t have freedom of the press in this country,” Trump said. “We have suppression by the press. They suppress. You know, you […]

73% of Trump voters say he was the legitimate winner – Biden gets 3%

In news that’s sure to shock anyone who is living in a mainstream media bubble, almost all Trump fans feel that Joe Biden stole the election. A recent poll from CNBC found that “only 3% of Trump voters surveyed said they accept Biden’s victory as legitimate…A staggering 73% of respondents consider Trump the legitimate winner.” […]

BREAKING: Second judge rules for Trump in PA! Huge break for Trump fight!

In a Friday night bombshell, a Pennsylvania judge breathed new life into President Trump’s fight for election integrity – and the White House itself. HUGE decision issued by Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCulloughhttps://t.co/q0vDuNXGaa — Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) November 28, 2020 Here’s a quick synopsis of the victory: Notable points from PA Judge:– Commonwealth barred […]

Joe Biden’s appeasing of the far left is coming back to haunt him

Joe Biden won the Democratic nomination under false pretenses. Now, he has to pay the piper. After flirting with the far left “defund the police” movement during his campaign, Biden would no doubt wish to be rid of their toxic and unpopular platform. But the Devil’s bargain that Biden made means that he’ll have trouble […]