As it happens – latest updates on the Ukraine war; Russia starts flying Mi-35N’s

Russians started flying Mi-35N. The Kiev "resistance" is in for one hell of an obliteration. Plenty of buildings to hide behind to avoid lock-ons. This will get ugly if they don't fold the weapons. — ASB News / MILITARY〽️ (@ASBMilitary) February 25, 2022 The loss of media trust comes home. How can any of […]

BREAKING: Top Democrat Caught In MASSIVE Lie – She’s A Disgrace

SEN. WARREN: "You know how much [Elon Musk] paid in taxes, one of the richest people in the world? Zero! And he's not the only one. Jeff Bezos, another one of the richest people in the world, he pays less in taxes than a public school teacher or a firefighter." — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) February […]