BREAKING: Republicans Kill HUGE Democrat Bill – Trump Is Smiling

#BREAKING: H.R.1/S.1, the “We The People Act,” fails to obtain the necessary 60 votes to invoke cloture and advance in the Senate. 50-50. — The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) June 22, 2021 Republicans want to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. H.R. 1/S. 1 threatens the integrity of our elections. — […]

BREAKING: Vice President Harris Facing SERIOUS Accusation – This Looks Bad

NOT 'FEELING GOOD': VP Kamala Harris accused of bullying legendary singer's daughter to the point she 'almost killed herself' — Fox News (@FoxNews) June 21, 2021 “Ask her why my grandmothers estate is in SHAMBLES now. Ask her why we as her family no longer own the rights to anything." Nina Simone’s granddaughter […]

BREAKING: Virus Funding BOMBSHELL Rocks Nation – I Can’t Believe This

JUST IN – Big tech behemoth, Google, funded research conducted by Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance – a controversial group that has openly collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on bat coronavirus research – for over a decade. — 🚨 (@disclosetv) June 19, 2021 . Well well well. "The unearthed financial ties between EcoHealth […]

BREAKING: She Just Committed A Crime – Lock Her Up

She just made a criminal threat. NYC shrink who talked about shooting white people now says they are 'psychopathic' — New York Post (@nypost) June 19, 2021

BREAKING: Joe Biden BOWS DOWN – He’s Useless

Biden, G7 Offer No Real Sanctions To Back Up COVID Investigation — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) June 18, 2021 Communist China must be held accountable for its COVID-19 cover-up. — House Republicans (@HouseGOP) June 15, 2021

BREAKING: Democrats Just REPEALED It – Nation Stunned

House repeals 2002 authorization of use of force in Iraq; Biden backs — Fox News (@FoxNews) June 17, 2021 The House just passed a bill to repeal the 2002 use of force authorization in Iraq. Schumer plans to bring it to the Senate for a vote. Biden has said he supports it. McConnell opposes it, […]

BREAKING: Biden Declares WAR – This Is 1984

Brace yourselves for 1984 folks. The President seems very focused on finding ways to prosecute his political opponents for thought crimes using the full power of the state based on a premise that’s dubious at best. — Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) June 16, 2021

BREAKING: Republicans Find The PROOF – Election Bombshell Stuns Democrats

JUST IN – Response by election officials in Fulton County, Georgia, to an Open Records Request shows legally required chain of custody documentation is missing for 24% of ballots from 2020 election — or 1 in 4 ballots (GA Star News) — 🚨 (@disclosetv) June 14, 2021 A Fulton County Georgia election official has […]

BREAKING: New Scandal SLAMS Biden Administration – Republicans Furious

DOJ sought account information of top Trump White House lawyer: report — Fox News (@FoxNews) June 13, 2021 NEW: DOJ secretly subpoenaed Apple for personal info of Trump's then WH counsel Don McGahn and his wife in Feb '18. DOJ barred Apple from telling them at time but 3 years later in May '21 […]