#1: Bombshell Report Confirms Military TREASON – Fire Them All

BREAKING: Gen. Mark Milley Held Secret Pentagon Meeting, Told Staff Not To Take Orders From President Donald Trump Regarding Nuclear Weapons: Report – https://t.co/gYyydRLcr7 pic.twitter.com/dXYkZbZsmH — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 14, 2021 The next GOP president should fire every military officer above the rank of O-6. Day 1. https://t.co/MypfmXCT6H — Jesse Kelly (@JesseKellyDC) September 14, 2021

#1: Fauci Gets TORCHED – What A Disgrace

The media is the enemy of the people. Nat Geo's flowery Fauci documentary is getting absolutely torched online: 'Pure garbage,' 'worst doc ever,' 'This man belongs in prison' https://t.co/4iUyoGjbRi — TheBlaze (@theblaze) September 14, 2021

#1: Tragedy AVERTED – School Mass Shooting Shutdown

A judge has ordered two Florida middle school students to be held at a juvenile detention center for at least 21 days after allegedly planning to carry out a mass shooting imitating the 1999 Columbine massacre, the Daily Mail has reported. https://t.co/fsZ6DdTuKY — Newsmax (@newsmax) September 13, 2021 NEW: Two Florida middle school students ages […]

#1: North Korea Stuns The World – They Just…

BREAKING: North Korea test-fires new long-range cruise missiles – @yonhaptweet — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 12, 2021 JUST IN: North Korea has tested a new long-range cruise missile — The Spectator Index (@spectatorindex) September 12, 2021

#1: The People Are Rising Up – But In A Shocking Place

Who would’ve thought that the French love freedom so much? Things are getting tense in Paris, France at the protest against the domestic vaccine pass. Police are trying to prevent the front of the protest from moving. pic.twitter.com/fXDWZ6JUi1 — Marie Oakes (@TheMarieOakes) September 11, 2021

#1: Republicans Fire Back At Biden – Democrats Are Furious

UPDATE: We're now up to *FOURTEEN* Republican governors.🚨https://t.co/fPCIGgKjX2 — Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) September 10, 2021 REPORT: South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster vows to fight Joe Biden to "gates of hell" after vaccine mandate announced. — WLTX — Election Wizard (@ElectionWiz) September 9, 2021

#1: Joe Biden Drops New Executive Order – Americans Are Furious

JUST IN – Biden to sign an executive order today requiring all federal employees to be vaccinated, with no option to opt-out via testing (CNN) — Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) September 9, 2021 President Biden will sign an executive order today mandating Covid vaccinations for all federal workers, with no testing opt-out. Good. — Scott Dworkin (@funder) […]

#1: New Evidence EXPOSES The CDC – They Aren’t Following Science

Because we should all get our medical advice from… The Teachers Unions! Why isn’t this a national scandal? This is absolutely insane and clearly does not “follow the science” CDC tightened masking guidelines after threats from teachers union, emails show https://t.co/bUrx01aPYB — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) September 8, 2021 there it is. pic.twitter.com/0o43ahKPCQ — Corey […]

#1: China Reveals HUGE Plans – Rocketing Ahead Of U.S.

China is eyeing a gargantuan space structure that would far surpass any previous U.S. — or Russian — station in orbit and rocket Beijing to the top of a space pecking order that’s been virtually unchanged since 1968. https://t.co/YUSnuM8p1G — Newsmax (@newsmax) September 6, 2021 Potentially significant news out of China: the country could modify […]