#1: CDC Makes STUNNING Vaccine Admission – They Lied To Us

JUST IN – CDC advisory group says there is a "likely link" between mRNA #COVID19 vaccines and "rare heart inflammation" in young males after 300 reported cases (Daily Mail) — Disclose.tv 🚨 (@disclosetv) June 23, 2021 'Likely link' between Covid vaccines and rare heart inflammation in young males, CDC advisory group says https://t.co/UdaQfQhjjK pic.twitter.com/kANMPRIC4r — […]

#1: Shocking FRAUD Evidence Emerges – This Is Huge

JUST IN: Maryland Detects Over 500K Fraudulent Unemployment Claims In Last 6 Weeks – https://t.co/aFgVW6b70s pic.twitter.com/qXeAOHcfSB — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) June 21, 2021 Wow…Maryland Has Detected Over 500,000 Potentially Fraudulent Unemployment Claims In Last Six Weeks pic.twitter.com/zZOO1Ze9k6 — Ryan Sprouse (@RSprouseNews) June 21, 2021

#1: 2024 Election News STUNS Republicans – Americans Stunned

Road to White House: DeSantis tops early 2024 straw poll https://t.co/O46NnzFbXA — Fox News (@FoxNews) June 20, 2021 BREAKING: DeSantis Beats Trump In 2024 Straw Poll At Top Conservative Summit https://t.co/kg2RcdlkbT pic.twitter.com/7tosGfhRWe — The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) June 20, 2021

#1: Top Doctor Makes The Call – Joe Biden Must…

Dr. Ronny Jackson calls on Biden to immediately undergo cognitive test to assess 'mental impairment'https://t.co/iuCHnwWUj2 — Fox News (@FoxNews) June 18, 2021 Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson and 13 Republican Reps send letter to Biden urging him take a cognitive test to prove he is 'mentally fit to be commander in chief' https://t.co/L8GYQxPq7y — […]

#1: Top Republican SIGNED It – Democrats Furious

BREAKING: Texas Governor signs ‘constitutional carry’ bill into law; starting Sept. 1, Texans may carry handguns without a license or permit — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) June 16, 2021 🇺🇸🎉BREAKING NEWS: @GovAbbott signed NRA-backed Constitutional Carry into law today alongside Lt. Gov. @DanPatrick, Speaker @DadePhelan and NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre! pic.twitter.com/MIrRdT5MUs — NRA (@NRA) June 17, 2021 […]

#1: Donald Trump Makes HUGE Announcement – Kamala Harris Is FURIOUS

Former President Donald Trump says he will visit the US-Mexico Border with the Governor of Texas on June 30 — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) June 16, 2021 The Trump border trip is aimed at calling attention to his contention that he left the Biden administration a highly secure border, only to have strong policies reversed and progress […]

#1: Trump Is Back – Stronger Than Ever

Opinion💭by Brian Cates Right now, Donald J. Trump’s opponents can’t quite believe what they’re seeing. A twice-impeached former president has returned—and he’s looking stronger than ever. https://t.co/yhfeVXK5wY — Epoch Times Opinion (@EpochOpinion) June 15, 2021

#1: President Biden Drops HUGE Admission – He’s Been Exposed…

President Joe Biden turned down the idea of a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, arguing he did not want it to be a “contest” between the two leaders in front of the media. https://t.co/gyUBOGDgQG — Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) June 14, 2021 Joe Biden is afraid of Vladimir Putin. All of the […]

#1: He’s Been OUSTED – This Changes Everything

New Israeli government wins majority vote, ending Netanyahu tenure https://t.co/85jhcY1bgf pic.twitter.com/yXr62M3hW8 — Reuters (@Reuters) June 13, 2021 Israel’s parliament has voted in favor of a new coalition government, formally ending Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic 12-year rule. https://t.co/yrv7DR5Z34 — KSBY (@KSBY) June 13, 2021 Naftali Bennett sworn in as #Israel's new prime minister, ending Netanyahu's […]