#2: SHOTS FIRED – No Response From President Biden

JUST IN – Russian warship fired warning shots at British Navy Ship in the Black Sea (RIA) — Disclose.tv 🚨 (@disclosetv) June 23, 2021 A Russian warship fired warning shots to force a British destroyer from Russia’s waters near Crimea in the Black Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The ministry said the the British […]

#2: Top Democrat Makes SHOCK Claim – Republicans Fire Back

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms blames city's violent crime spike on Republicans reopening too early, Georgia's governor strikes back https://t.co/nbtSLgDPAp — TheBlaze (@theblaze) June 20, 2021 Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms blames soaring crime and 50% increase in murders on Republicanshttps://t.co/2UyoSmUS4H — Jacek Posobietz (@JackPosobiec) June 20, 2021

#2: Top Biden Official Makes Return – Americans Furious

Chief Diversity Officer Who Compared Trump To Hitler Reinstated After Defense Department Investigation https://t.co/6FRiD3BiKh — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) June 18, 2021 Clown car exhibit # 578971Joe Biden's new "diversity and inclusion" chief for the U.S. military’s Special Operations Command, Richard Torres-Estrada reassigned amid investigation into politically-charged social media posts he made before he was hired. https://t.co/Lw69SFjYfK […]

#2: Shock Report STUNS Nation – Billions Of Dollars Moved

JUST IN – Reverse repo explodes to stunning $756 billion overnight, a level never seen before. pic.twitter.com/3YzRnZMcbB — Disclose.tv 🚨 (@disclosetv) June 17, 2021 Reverse Repo just hit a record high of $502.9 Billion. This along with countless other red flags says there are some serious problems despite the FED trying its best to push […]

#2: Top Republican Gets AWFUL News – This Is Insane

Financial Blacklisting: Wells Fargo Shuts Down GOP Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke‘s Bank Account https://t.co/wcGoITC0cd via @BreitbartNews — Allum Bokhari (@LibertarianBlue) June 16, 2021 America First commentator and former Senate candidate Lauren Witzke has had her bank account completely shut down by Wells Fargo, leaving her stranded out of state with no money. Witzke described what […]

#2: Biden Declares War – Massive Repression Coming

There’s a “war on terror” against conservatives. The most important under-discussed story is that the domestic War on Terror which Biden was vowing to usher in since before his inauguration has been well underway for months. This is a major escalation. The report itself is an example of extremism. More shortly on its contents: https://t.co/K7FitI8PJi […]

#2: Republicans Cause PANIC In Democrat Party – Horrible News For Pelosi

Republican who flipped Democratic stronghold reveals Hispanic voters are 'opening their eyes' https://t.co/aWmnK0RNB4 — TheBlaze (@theblaze) June 14, 2021 A newly elected Republican mayor set to represent an 85% Hispanic town in Texas believes many Latinos are “opening their eyes.”https://t.co/M3krSchrXh — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) June 14, 2021 Sen. Rubio says President Trump’s policies resonate with […]

#2: Federal Judge SHOCKS Nation – Republicans Furious

Texas judge tosses hospital workers' COVID-19 vaccine requirement lawsuit, says they can 'work somewhere else' https://t.co/YUrc1bXfaK — Fox News (@FoxNews) June 13, 2021 A federal judge threw out a lawsuit filed by employees of a Houston hospital system over its requirement that all staff be vaccinated. In a scathing ruling, he found the lead plaintiff's […]