#2: Biden Makes Massive Mistake – He’s Losing Them

Biden's Cuba moves may further damage standing with Hispanic voters https://t.co/A0eO1df5nX — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) May 22, 2022 Breaking: Biden is reversing several Trump administration policies on Cuba, expanding flights, authorizing group travel and reestablishing a family reunification program suspended for years after a monthslong review, officials tell us. (w/ @ngameztorres) https://t.co/IhAOSULVcb — Michael Wilner […]

#2: Top Republican SILENCED – This Is Insane

Facebook censors Marsha Blackburn for saying, 'Biological men have no place in women's sports' https://t.co/Q6HvuMW8j6 — TheBlaze (@theblaze) May 20, 2022 Social media giant censored Blackburn post after she claimed 'biological men have no place' in female sports https://t.co/x8pPsZXYLA — Fox News (@FoxNews) May 20, 2022

#2: New Abortion Ban PASSES – Democrats Are Furious

Oklahoma bill banning nearly all abortions goes to governor's desk https://t.co/iEHTXO2v8A — Fox News (@FoxNews) May 20, 2022 BREAKING: Oklahoma legislature approves ‘total ban’ on abortionhttps://t.co/MvUNoNmX9M — The Independent (@Independent) May 19, 2022  

#2: Supreme Court Sides With Republicans – This Is Massive

🚨 BREAKING: The Montana Supreme Court has restored Montana’s voter ID law and ended Election Day registration. 🇺🇸 WIN for election integrity 🇺🇸 — Ryan Zinke (@RyanZinke) May 18, 2022 Montana Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Republican legislature’s new laws adding voter ID requirements and ending same-day voter registration – https://t.co/VXcmdAnWRY — Reid […]

#2: Nancy Pelosi Gets DESTROYED – Liberals Fuming

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Monday for calling the Supreme Court “dangerous.”https://t.co/tDSkjVdd7a — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) May 16, 2022 The only danger to America's freedom is rhetoric like this https://t.co/oFpp7Xpo8g — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 16, 2022

#2: Donald Trump Drops The Hammer – Americans Are Cheering

Trump criticizes spending for Ukraine https://t.co/6FQAAoP0To pic.twitter.com/fzfRNR5fBx — The Hill (@thehill) May 16, 2022 The “fiscal conservatives” who worked to block President Trump from spending a couple billion $ on a Wall that would keep the American people safe are really eager to send $40B to Ukraine! — Alex Bruesewitz (@alexbruesewitz) May 10, 2022

#2: Child Sex Abuse Bombshell Rocks America – You Won’t Believe This

Child sex abuse center hires professor who faced backlash over pedophile comments https://t.co/Gv8mm7ddh6 pic.twitter.com/ZI7MpABb5m — New York Post (@nypost) May 13, 2022 The Moore Center for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse at John Hopkins’ School of Public Health has hired the MAPS (minor attracted persons) specialist who was marred in controversy last year after saying […]

#2: Joe Biden EXPOSED – They Hate Americans

Rep. @EliseStefanik: "Joe Biden simply has NO PLAN" to deal with the baby formula shortage. "When Biden's White House was asked about the shortage, they laughed." pic.twitter.com/7bv5KxCw8m — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 12, 2022 Congress made the time to spend 40 billion to push us closer to WW3 but cannot find the time to address […]

#2: White House Replacement Alert – I Can’t Believe This

HOLD MY BEER: Psaki's New Replacement Could Be Even WORSE 👇🏻👇🏻https://t.co/QbOnYVAcdC — Dan Bongino (@dbongino) May 11, 2022 Jen Psaki's replacement has a history of spreading dangerous election fraud conspiracy theories that undermine our Democracy. https://t.co/Jpo56X7k8W — Mark Dice (@MarkDice) May 9, 2022