#2: Joe Biden Gets DEVESTATING News – He’s Finished

Football Fans Continue To Chant 'F**k Joe Biden' https://t.co/O58ffYNX3t — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) September 13, 2021 [email protected] told me he thinks college football fans will continue to chant “F**k Joe Biden.” After all the chants during week one, it’s hard to disagree. pic.twitter.com/ogzUvNCDf7 — David Hookstead (@dhookstead) September 11, 2021

#2: Top Republican PROMISES Revenge – It’s Happening

Rep. Andy Biggs says the GOP would use due process in getting back at Democrats who are treating them unfairly in the investigation of the Jan. 6 riot. "I'm a big believer in fairness and due process. That's not what we're seeing from the other side."https://t.co/nW0hArELAJ — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) September 12, 2021 Biden has […]

#2: Remember Their Faces – Heroes Never Die

On the 20-year anniversary of 9/11, take a moment to remember the countless Americans who rushed to help others on September 11, 2001 without hesitation. Nineteen terrorists attacked us. Thousands of Americans rushed to help. That's the unbreakable spirit of the USA. (THREAD) — David Hookstead (@dhookstead) September 11, 2021 On the 20-year anniversary of […]

#2: Shock Report EXPOSES China – Big Tech Allowing…

China propaganda social media campaign reaches other countries, again blames US for COVIDhttps://t.co/Wfi5MdothS — Fox News (@FoxNews) September 10, 2021 Latest propaganda/disinformation from China’s despised CCP charges US with biological warfare. Over-the-top, state-sanctioned rhetoric signals coming Cultural Revolution 2.0 https://t.co/nkO5ZSEdT0 — Bill Gertz (@BillGertz) September 7, 2021  

#2: CNN Anchor Gets NAILED – “Your Are Fake News”

Nolte: CNN's Chris Cillizza is still spreading the debunked lie that 70 percent of poison control calls in Mississippi were linked to ivermectin. https://t.co/S4tT7xFKjV — Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) September 9, 2021 AP has issued an embarrassing correction to its fear-mongering article claiming that 70 percent of calls to the Mississippi Poison Control were about ivermectin […]

#2: Top Biden Official Makes INSANE Claim – Trying To Fool Americans

WATCH: Biden's National Economic Council Brian Deese says if you don't count beef, pork and poultry, grocery price increases "are more in line with historical norms." pic.twitter.com/U9NJuEqdcp — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 8, 2021 Brian Deese stood at the White House podium today and said that grocery price increases are in line with historical norms if […]

#2: Joe Biden Gearing Up For HUGE Legal Battle – Republicans Furious

After Texas's law went into effect earlier this week, Biden ordered the Justice Department and HHS to determine what steps the government can take "to ensure that women in Texas have access to safe and legal abortions."https://t.co/sUhxG3Re7B — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) September 6, 2021 Breaking from Biden: "I am directing that Council and the Office […]