#4: Donald Trump Calls Vice President Harris OUT – She’s Only…

Donald Trump says Kamala Harris is only visiting the border on Friday because he announced his own trip next week: pic.twitter.com/IsUQuTJxeQ — Anders Hagstrom (@Hagstrom_Anders) June 23, 2021 Trump successfully trolled Kamala Harris to visit the border. Amazing. — Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) June 23, 2021 Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the U.S.-Mexico border Friday […]

#4: Top Republican SLAMS Biden Plan – It Can’t Happen

Steel prices are up. Lumber prices are up.Construction costs are up. And President Biden thinks we can afford an infrastructure bill? — Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) June 21, 2021 Senate Democrats are weighing spending as much as $6 trillion on their own infrastructure package if bipartisan talks fail. Their list includes universal child care, lowering […]

#4: Joe Biden Gives The Order – He’s Coming Back…

Russia’s ambassador is returning to the United States three months after being recalled as tensions rose between Moscow and Washington.https://t.co/e3eQEkEwlu — Newsmax (@newsmax) June 20, 2021 Russia's ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov is returning to Washington today, per TASS. He's been in Moscow since March amid tensions between the US & Russia, but both […]

#4: The Reality About Biden – Harsh But True

Sad that we have to say this about our president. Whether you’re on the right or left, you can’t deny that the President of the United States is an embarrassment. — Alana Mastrangelo (@ARmastrangelo) June 19, 2021

#4: He Just CONFIRMED It – This Is Bad

JUST IN – PM Trudeau confirms the Canadian government is working on "national certification of vaccination status" for those who want to "travel internationally."pic.twitter.com/ay8VmwyqdT — Disclose.tv 🚨 (@disclosetv) June 18, 2021 "For the fall, in the medium term, we are working working with the provinces to establish a national certification of vaccination status" that can […]

#4: Top Republican Indroduces Bill To ABOLISH It – Democrats Scrambling

EXCLUSIVE: Marjorie Taylor Greene To Introduce Legislation That Would Abolish The ATF https://t.co/wmiInHzp9S — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) June 17, 2021 I will not stand idly by while the ATF treads on the rights of my constituents and the American people. Their unconstitutional reign against law-abiding gun owners must come to end. That’s why I’m co-sponsoring […]

#4: Top Republican Drops The Hammer – Democrats Scrambling

BREAKING: Congressman Matt Gaetz calls on FBI Director Christopher Wray to fully disclose the role and involvement of FBI operatives during the January 6th Capitol riot. More details coming. pic.twitter.com/lviUHfhLyW — Rep. Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) June 16, 2021 The FBI is a domestic terror threat — Pedro L. Gonzalez (@emeriticus) June 16, 2021

#4: Tucker Carlson Drops BOMBSHELL – The Fix Was IN

Is this the boldest segment ever to air on cable? https://t.co/uIOBo1gspm — Darren J. Beattie 🌐 (@DarrenJBeattie) June 16, 2021 [email protected]: "After seeing all of this you have to ask yourself: Does the national security apparatus do anything but conspire against the American people?" pic.twitter.com/vdMb8RfXgA — The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) June 16, 2021 The […]

#4: President Biden Goes Missing – Media Dead Silent

NOW – Biden over 2 hours late to his news conference at the NATO summit. White House has not provided any explanation for the cause of the delay (NBC) pic.twitter.com/2KDISMeZEI — Disclose.tv 🚨 (@disclosetv) June 14, 2021 President Biden is more than 2 hours late to his NATO news conference. No explanation from the White […]

#4: Top Democrat CAUGHT – This Looks Bad

Rep. Ilhan Omar retweets video from anti-Israel group that was investigated by the FBI for terrorist ties https://t.co/JnIzdVUszv — TheBlaze (@theblaze) June 13, 2021 Ilhan Omar is an anti-Semite… so are the squad who defend her. — Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) June 12, 2021 Ilhan Omar has no business being on the Foreign Affairs Committee and […]