#3: Josh Hawley CRUSHES opposition – He’s BACK

Hawley is uncancellable. Good for him. SCOOP: Senator Josh Hawley’s Book On Big Tech To Be Published Despite Cancellation Attempt https://t.co/Y2NvRKSIov — Mollie (@MZHemingway) January 18, 2021

#3: Biden Will NEVER Get This From Us

They can’t make us ignore the unfairness of this last election. The media covered up the Hunter Biden scandal and tech companies admitted to censoring the story to prevent it from spreading So no, Biden did not win "fairly" pic.twitter.com/Mg2aQ6uBvR — Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) January 17, 2021

#3: Tragic News For America – Dems Should Apologize IMMEDIATELY

What a farce. Andrew Cuomo plans to end New York's lockdown. Lori Lightfoot plans to open Chicago restaurants. All of this announced with Joe Biden’s inauguration days away. The Democrats' shutdowns were POLITICAL, but for many small businesses they were PERMANENT. — Lance Gooden (@Lancegooden) January 15, 2021

#3: Nancy Pelosi’s Everlasting Disgrace

Today our “elected” officials decided to impeach a man who leaves office in 7 days. They did this in a week… It took them 8 months to make a decision to help the American people. The difference? One was personal one was actually about Americans. — Graham Allen (@GrahamAllen_1) January 13, 2021

#3: Tucker Carlson Drops A Bomb

Exclusive: shocking statements by Biden's DOJ civil rights pick. pic.twitter.com/5CzhwPa3WH — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) January 12, 2021

#3: Twitter Gets Horrible News – Trump Is Laughing

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Twitter shares have tumbled in the first day of trading since its ban of President Donald J. Trump. At the opening bell, the social media company's stock fell 12.3%. $2.5 billion of Twitter’s market capitalization has been erased.$TWTR — David Nicholas (@DavidANicholas) January 11, 2021

#3: Trump Assassination Shocker – This Is Sick

Trump got banned for allegedly inciting violence from his platform, and here is an uncensored non-deleted tweet from a blue check with 2.1 million followers sharing a picture of herself holding Trump's severed head as she tweets at him. https://t.co/75zPKSo6Jf — Jerry Dunleavy (@JerryDunleavy) January 9, 2021