Florida man arrested for making repeated calls to 911, demanding Biden be jailed

In a bizarre story out of Florida, a 29-year-old man from Pinellas County found himself being taken to jail after repeatedly calling 911 to insist that President Joe Biden needed to be incarcerated, as Tampa NBC affiliate WFLA reports. It was last Sunday that Jacob Philbeck of Palm Harbor got into a bit of trouble […]

Senate legislation takes steps to protect low income families from formal shortages

The Senate has passed legislation to protect low-income families from infant formula shortages passed the upper house of Congress through unanimous consent on Thursday.  According to a report by The Hill, the Access to Baby Formula Act passed the House late on Wednesday in what is being called a “rare bipartisan vote” of 414-9 and is […]

Chris Wallace gets new primetime show with CNN after CNN+ debacle

Former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace has landed himself a new gig after CNN+’s disastrous collapse as an announcement from Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed Wallace will be hosting a new Sunday evening show for CNN. CNN paid Wallace millions of dollars to be the headliner for their streaming service before it failed in historic fashion. […]

Buffalo resident calls for law-abiding citizens to be armed in wake of mass shooting

Anti-gun Democrats will swear up and down all day long that the best way to reduce gun violence is to take all guns away from everyone, including law-abiding citizens. Not only is it a foolish, unrealistic, anti-Constitutional suggestion, but it’s also quite dangerous. According to Townhall, one Buffalo, New York resident, in the wake of […]

Clarence Thomas takes aim at liberal journalists during public remarks in Dallas

Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has long been the target of disgraceful treatment from a broad array of mainstream journalists, and, apparently having had his fill of their disrespect, he shot back last week by suggesting he would leave his post if his performance on the job ever slipped to the level of theirs, […]

Lindsey Graham attempts to explain leaked audio praising Biden

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) conservative bona fides have again come into question amid the leak of an audio recording in which he can be heard praising then-President Elect Joe Biden, comments he is now scrambling to explain. As Mediaite reports, CNN last week played the aforementioned audio of Graham talking with New York Times journalist […]

Melania Trump sits down for interview with Fox News’ Pete Hegseth

Boldly voicing her opinion on issues ranging from the worsening baby formula supply crisis to the editorial proclivities of Vogue magazine, former first lady Melania Trump recently sat down for an interview with Fox & Friends Weekend slated to premiere on Sunday, as the Washington Examiner reports. The network began releasing clips of the conversation […]