Top Democrat and Gavin Newsom ally CHARGED with domestic violence

Another of our “leaders” has been exposed as a violent predator. Nathan Ballard, a top California Democrat and friend of California Gov. Gavin Newsom was arrested on domestic violence charges in October. Ballard is accused of “attacking a woman and suffocating a child with a pillow while at a high-end California spa in October, Politico reported, […]

White House communications director resigns

Fox News reports: White House Communications Director Alyssa Farrah is resigning from the Trump administration, she announced on Thursday. Farah, who entered the administration as Vice President Pence’s press secretary in 2017, heaped praise on the president and touted his accomplishments. “I am deeply proud of the incredible things we were able to accomplish to make our […]

Hannity: Trump should pardon himself and his family

When it comes to the Deep State, President Trump should take no chances, says Sean Hannity. I agree. The Hill reports: Sean Hannity said on his radio and television shows Monday that he thinks President Trump should pardon himself in order to avoid a potential prosecution from the incoming Biden administration. The conservative host referred to an op-ed […]

Chris Christie, political opportunist, goes after Trump

Chris Christie is the very definition of a backstabbing politician. After attacking President Trump in the 2016 debates, Christie saw which way the wind was blowing and joined forces with the President after ending his own failing campaign. Now, it appears that Christie is jumping ship and attacking his benefactor on the way out. What […]

Democrats are trying to shut down all Biden-related investigations – Durham included

After the steal comes the coverup. Law professor Jonathan Turley warns that a Democratic congress is likely to work in concert with a Biden Department of Justice to suppress investigations that are damaging, including the Durham investigation and the inquiries into Hunter Biden. Durham dead in the water Turley writes: There is ample reason why […]

Supreme Court announcement: Justice Alito’s warning

Supreme Court

For all the Democrats bluster about what a threat Donald Trump is to our civic institutions, the real threat has always been from them. Now a member of the nation’s highest court is warning Americans that they’re in danger of losing the integrity of the Supreme Court itself. Justice Samuel Alito made waves in a […]