California voters allege irregularities at polling places on recall election day

Though Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder on Tuesday conceded his battle to unseat Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in that state’s recall election, reports suggest that – at least in some precincts – voting irregularities plagued many who turned out to cast their ballots, as KTLA in Los Angeles reports. The outlet chronicled complaints from […]

Rob O’Neill, the SEAL who ended bin Laden, hints at running for office

During and in the wake of President Joe Biden’s botched troop withdrawal from Afghanistan that turned into an absolute nightmare for the United States, a number of U.S. military veteran, especially those from the special operations community stepped up in big ways and made their thoughts known. One of those is former U.S. Navy SEAL […]

City workers remove Jesus sign in the middle of the night

The town of Hawkins, Texas, an otherwise small, quiet town of barely 1400 residents, generated headlines recently after a sign reading “Jesus Welcomes You To Hawkins” was ripped out of the ground in the dead of night by city workers.  According to the Longview News-Journal and other outlets, the battle over who owns the land […]

Biden and Harris shame Americans in 9/11 remembrance speeches

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris made the rounds on Saturday to mark the 20th anniversary of the most horrific, jihadist-led terrorist attack in America’s history, and many believe that our two leaders missed the mark, big time. Instead of focusing solely on the victims, the families of the victims, and the legendary […]

Biden drone strike killed aid worker and family members, not ISIS-K operatives

In the aftermath of the August terror attack in Afghanistan that left 13 U.S. service members dead, President Joe Biden bluntly promised to hunt down those responsible, but a report from the New York Times now suggests that rather than killing an ISIS operative, a retaliatory drone strike conducted in response actually resulted in the […]

Californians launch attack on Kamala Harris during campaign appearance for Gavin Newsom

California voters showed up en mass to protest Vice President Kamala Harris’ support of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) at a Wednesday rally in San Diego.  Journalists and citizen demonstrators uploaded footage of the event, showing voters calling out the Vice President, and showing their disdain for their current governor in the fiercely blue state. […]

Kamala’s bail fund just released a charged murderer

Kamala Harris is already unpopular, unlikeable, and seemingly an incompetent vice president, given the fact that she hasn’t really done anything in the past eight months other than lay low and hide from the press. But a shocking new development might just be enough to compel her to make an appearance. According to the New […]

Sen. Graham says America will soon have to invade Afghanistan

Now that the Taliban have virtually complete control over an entire country, any reasonable person would have to agree that the United States is much less safe than it was just a year ago. According to Mediaite, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) seemingly stunned a reporter in a recent interview by suggesting that the U.S. military […]