Undercover operation in Tennessee results in recovery of 150 missing kids

In an impressive win for a collaborative of state and federal law enforcement agencies, a months-long effort known as “Operation Volunteer Strong” has resulted in the recovery of 150 missing Tennessee youth, including several possible human trafficking victims, Breitbart reported. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), planning for the initiative began last fall, […]

Screen goes black right after Biden says he’ll be ‘happy’ to take questions


President Joe Biden has taken increased criticism lately for not taking many questions from the press, or from anyone for that matter. To say it’s a shocking contrast from his predecessor would be an enormous understatement. According to the Washington Examiner, speculation that Biden’s handlers are purposely shielding him from the press grew stronger last […]

GOP lawmaker says Nancy Pelosi is implicated in Jan. 6 riots

Given the “fortress” surrounding the U.S. Capitol and the continued deployment of thousands of National Guard troops, some lawmakers are questioning whether or not House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is taking such measures to compensate for what they believe could have been her failure to properly secure the area during the Jan. 6 riots. According to […]

Biden fires EEOC general counsel


To the surprise of very few, the spirit of unity pledged by President Joe Biden throughout the 2020 campaign and also upon his inauguration has quickly given way to the entrenched partisanship Americans have unfortunately come to expect. Evidence of Biden’s return to business as usual can be seen in the adminstration’s Friday decision to […]

Barack Obama made bigoted comments about Biden cabinet officer

Long before President Joe Biden was the Democratic presidential nominee or even a front-runner in the lead-up to the 2020 election, a number of Democratic hopefuls were gauged on their potential to win the presidency by former President Barack Obama. According to the Daily Caller, in a newly-released book titled, “Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely […]

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot deploys National Guard

In response to an escalating border crisis brought on by President Biden’s immigration policies, Texas governor Greg Abbot has announced that he is deploying the National Guard to the border. “Today Texas launched Operation Lone Star to respond to the border crisis,” Abbott tweeted Saturday. “It deploys Nat’l Guard + DPS Officers + air, ground, […]

Tech star John McAfee indicted in federal court

You might remember John McAffee’s surname from the days when we were inundated with advertisements for “McAfee Antivirus” software, which was one of the major players in the antivirus market for a long stretch. However, now the name has a different association, as McAfee made headlines this week after being indicted in a federal court […]

Pelosi recounts bizarre tale of grandchildren’s love of Joe Biden

From network pundits shedding tears of joy upon his election to reporters’ asking hard-hitting questions about the new president’s preferences for an Air Force One color scheme, the sycophancy to which Joe Biden has been treated in recent weeks has been disappointingly predictable. The cringeworthy spectacle took an excruciating new turn on Wednesday when House […]

‘Moonshiners’ star Lance Waldroup dies at age 30

Fans of the Discovery reality series Moonshiners are in shock, as news that Lance Waldroup, 30, one of the show’s beloved bootleggers, died unexpectedly in his home state of North Carolina on Feb. 25, as TMZ reported. According to law enforcement sources, Lance’s mother dialed 911 to report that she had discovered her son unresponsive […]

Justice Amy Coney Barrett issues first majority SCOTUS opinion

Supreme Court

Despite facing a contentious vetting process in which she was subjected to attacks on her character, her faith, and even her family, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to become an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court late last year following her nomination by then-President Donald Trump. On Thursday, Justice Coney Barrett delivered her first-ever […]