Swalwell claims he was threatened by man who was ‘radicalized’ by Tucker Carlson

Democrats have attempted, on several occasions, to go after their critics in the right-leaning mainstream media, namely Fox News, by attempting to smear the network and its hosts, even if the smears are oftentimes completely made up stories.

According to a report from TB Daily News, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is the latest Democrat to take a shot at censoring Tucker Carlson, as he showed a long series of screenshots of a conversation he allegedly had with a “domestic terrorist” who made threats against him, and who he also claims was radicalized by Fox’s Tucker Carlson’s nightly show.

There were a few noticeable and immediate inconsistencies with Swalwell’s grand story, the first being that he claimed he asked Twitter to identify the man, when the conversation he shared was clearly taken from his Instagram direct messages.

Secondly, the person behind the supposed account, who claimed to be a man named “Jeremy” from Canada, no longer has an account on Instagram — at least not under that handle, as the account in question is no longer live.

The California Democrat went on to take shots at podcaster Joe Rogan for employing the same radicalizing tactics with his massive audience, another clear attempt to silence his dissenters.

Interestingly, “Jeremy” began the conversation with myriad threats, but ended by saying Swalwell was a good guy and more “personable” than he comes across on television, which is probably not how a typical conversation with a “domestic terrorists” on Instagram probably goes.

It’s crystal clear that Swalwell, who has gone after Carlson before and made similar accusations, was extremely bored one night and did his best to come up with some spicy content for his sheep-like constituents. The best part? He thought people would actually believe it.