Supreme Court to decide whether to hear Trump’s Jan 6 case

Political commentators are weighing in on what the Supreme Court might decide the case involving former President Donald Trump’s attempts to keep private some of the documents requested by the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riots. 

According to a report in The New York Daily News, Congress is asking to see those documents and the case is on its way to the Supreme Court after a stop at the D.C. Court of Appeals.

The Daily News reported that there are a few reasons the former president might want to keep those documents to himself, among them are that the audience of judges might not look too kindly on the documents in question:

“First, it’s hard to argue with Tuesday’s Federal District Court ruling from Judge Tanya Chutkan that Trump lost,” the Daily News reported.

“The decision rejected Trump’s executive privilege claims, stating ‘presidents are not kings and plaintiff is not president,’ and yesterday, the judge turned down a request to stay that ruling while he appeals to the D.C. Circuit. Whatever happens there, the case will land on the Supreme Court’s emergency docket.” 

The second reason cited by the publication was that the nation’s high court is not thought likely to want to take on the issue as controversial as this one, considering the likely aggressive backlash from the American people. 

SCOTUS is already hearing several cases involving the controversial Texas abortion law, and according to some reports, public confidence in the court is dropping. 

Continued accusations of politicization of the court prompted the benches’ most recent addition, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, to address that during a speech on Sept. 13 when she felt compelled to deny that the court was “a bunch of partisan hacks.