Supreme Court to decide case of Christian web designer’s anti-discrimination case

The battle between Christian business owners and the LGBTQ community rages on before the United States Supreme Court as Colorado web designer Lorie Smith’s case is argued before the court during its 2022 term. 

The group coming after Smith is arguing Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act forces her to create websites that celebrate same-sex marriages, even in violation of her faith, according to The Washington Times

Smith’s case comes about four years after a Christian baker Jack Phillips, also from Colorado, also took his First Amendment fight to the nation’s high court after he was taken to court for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding.

Smith said that she saw Phillips’ struggle that last more than a decade, and knew that she couldn’t live in fear of the government cracking down on her because of her faith and decided to fight the charges. 

Her case, like Phillips, threatens her business because she is allegedly challenging existing law: 

“I knew I couldn’t live in fear,” she told reporters in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. “I am simply asking for the freedom for all of us to speak consistently with our beliefs.”

At this point, 29 states have laws on the books that offer added protection for LGBTQ individuals into their public accommodation laws, according to the times, but some also have protected speech that would keep the government from interfering according to Smith’s legal team. 

“The same state regulation is at issue in Ms. Smith’s challenge,” the Times reported. “Her 303 Creative is based in Denver and is subject to Colorado’s public accommodations law that is designed to protect certain groups from discrimination in business settings. One such group is LGBTQ people.”

Smith says she loves using her talents to create a message for her clients but she cannot in good conscience do that when the message violates her values.

“I do believe God has chosen me to represent him,” she said. “Everything I do is consistent with my faith and running my business is a part of that.”