Supreme Court launches full investigation to find Roe v. Wade draft leaker, obstruction of justice charges likely

The Supreme Court confirmed that the Marshal of the Supreme Court Police is investigating who leaked the draft of the decision set to overturn Roe v. Wade and by the sounds of things it is only a matter of time before the leaker gets busted. 

Mike Davis, a former clerk to Justice Neil Gorsuch and a former Senate Judiciary Committee attorney, gave an inside look at how the Supreme Court is reacting to the unprecedented leak.

Davis said that the leak of the draft was “shocking, shameful, and likely illegal. I think this is unprecedented. It’s very clear that someone is leaking this opinion to try to influence justices’ votes on this Dobbs case to overturn Roe and Casey. And in that case, we’re looking at potential obstruction of justice charges against whoever did this.”

The list of who leaked the draft decision is extremely short and when that person is inevitably found, they will be facing serious charges for their actions.

Davis’s observation that the leak was likely meant to pressure the Justices of the Supreme Court to change their minds is right over the target. The left is resorting to undermining our court system by ignoring every norm and breaking the rules.

Davis continued by saying, “I think what the court needs to do is to immediately issue the opinion reversing Roe and Casey, even if it’s a per curium opinion and ‘this is what we’re going to do and say that the opinions will follow. Or issue Justice Alito’s majority opinion and say that the concurring and dissenting opinions will follow. There’s precedent for doing that. That’s the way to show the world that they’re not going to be able to manipulate the Supreme Court, you’re not going to be able to threaten the justices on the Supreme Court and when you try to do it, the opposite effect actually happens.”

The conservative Justice who already signed onto the leaked document will likely double down on their stance and all the left will have accomplished is to show themselves for what they really are.

As for the individual who decided to undermine the integrity of the Supreme Court, not only will they lose their career but there is a high chance that person ends up in prison.

Of course, there is one major factor still to be determined. Will President Biden’s politicized Department of Justice bring charges against the leaker, or will they give the leaker a pass for being on the right side of the political spectrum?