Supreme Court in Pennsylvania decides against Trump

It’s another piece of bad news for President Trump’s campaign to ensure a free and fair election.

In an inexplicable decision, “the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Republican monitors observing vote counting in Philadelphia were given sufficient access under state law to view the proceedings. In a 5-2 decision, the court overturned a lower court decision that ordered monitors with President Donald Trump’s campaign be allowed within six feet of tables where ballots were being tallied.”

“Trump observers complained that in Philadelphia they were originally positioned between 13 feet and up to 100 feet away from counting tables and, therefore, couldn’t meaningfully see ballots as they were counted.”

The decision is a farce. Observers positioned 100, or even 13 feet away from ballot-counting operations are in no position to see the counting of tiny marks on ballots.

Luckily, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court won’t get the last word on the Pennsylvania vote-counting process. Trump lawyer Rudy Guiliani is in a federal court in Pennsylvania arguing before a judge to throw out 700,000 faulty ballots.

CNBC reports:

Giuliani also said “we’re probably going to sue in at least eight or nine” states where Republican ballot watchers allegedly were blocked from observing the vote-tallying process.

“The only remedy the court has is to just cancel out those votes,” he said.

“I believe we have amassed more than enough evidence in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, and Georgia,” he said when asked if there are enough questionable ballots to overturn Biden’s victory.

“I believe we’re very close in Nevada.”

That case is as yet undecided.