Supreme Court hands down it’s fourth unanimous decision in two weeks

The United States Supreme Court surprised on Tuesday with two more unanimous decisions in the cases Garland v. Dai and United States v. Cooley according to Fox News.

These decisions came on the heels of two unanimous decisions from last week in what is a surprising two-week display of bipartisan agreement seldom seen in individuals as ideologically separated as the court’s nine jurists.

In the Op-Ed written by George Washington University Shapiro Professor of Public Interest law Johnathan Turley, Turley pointed out what kind of message the nation’s high court might be trying to send with their recent conciliatory decisions:

This week I wrote on my blog about how the heavy-handed campaigns might backfire with the justices,” Turley said.

“As we await important and likely divided decisions on issues like abortion, Chief Justice John Roberts and his colleagues seem to be sending a message that the court is not as rigidly ideological as Democratic members and activists suggest.”

The surprising string of agreement comes as Democrats are pushing to expand the high court with a move known as “court-packing.”

If successful, the historic court will expand from its current nine justices to an as yet undecided number that could be as large as 15, depending on what plan for change is adopted.

A conservative majority among the Supreme Court’s justices, thanks to former President Donald Trump’s three appointees, has Democrats in the legislative and executive branches enraged.

Conservatives have stood staunchly against expanding the court, indicating that liberals can’t, in essence, change the rules since they’re now losing at their own game of legislation via the judicial branch.