Supreme Court halts execution, rules that personal pastor must be present in execution chamber

The U.S. Supreme Court intervened to halt the execution of an Alabama man, saying that the prisoner must be allowed to have his personal pastor in the execution chamber with him.

CBS News reports:

An Alabama inmate on Thursday won a reprieve from a scheduled lethal injection after the U.S. Supreme Court said the state must allow his personal pastor in the death chamber.

The lethal injection of Willie B. Smith III was called off by Alabama after justices maintained an injunction issued by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals saying he could not be executed without his pastor present in chamber. Department of Corrections spokeswoman Samantha Rose said the execution would not proceed given the ruling. Alabama has maintained that non-prison staff should not be in the room for security reasons.

The opinion was written by liberal Justice Elena Kagan:

“Willie Smith is sentenced to death, and his last wish is to have his pastor with him as he dies,” Justice Elena Kagan wrote in a concurring opinion with three other justices.

“Alabama has not carried its burden of showing that the exclusion of all clergy members from the execution chamber is necessary to ensure prison security. So the State cannot now execute Smith without his pastor present, to ease what Smith calls the ‘transition between the worlds of the living and the dead,'” Kagan wrote. Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined with three liberal justices to let the ruling stand.

It’s an interesting collision of law and order forces, with the religious convictions of court members, including devout Catholic Amy Coney Barrett.

Willie B. Smith killed a 22-year-old Birmingham woman in the trunk of her own car in 1991. The Sun reports:

Sharma Ruth Johnson was a 22-year-old white female who was abducted at gunpoint from an automatic teller site at a local bank before she was murdered.

She was subjected to a brutal death in the trunk of her own car after pleading with Smith for her life, assuring him she would not go to the police.

Smith was recorded on a wire tap describing her final moments before the slaying: “She said, no I ain’t like that, she said that. I touched her head, I said you’re a m***********g liar, boom!”

From the available evidence, it doesn’t appear that Smith provided Johnson with a “spiritual advisor” during the last minutes of her life. Count on the media to paint him as the victim and ignore the real victim of such a horrific crime.

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  1. Justice is just not fair. That poor woman fought for her life and was murdered. No matter how long it takes to execute this prisoner he WILL be held accountable for his sin before the Lord. And rightly so.

  2. The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is off their rocker! Smith the murderer was recorded on a wire tap describing her final moments before the slaying! He is a a dirty and despicable person who deserves nothing!

  3. Another outstanding example of african/negro culture that Obama and his loyal (senile) puppets Sleepy and the Ho want to instill in the US!!!!

  4. any body who wants to repent should be given this help to do so as the one & only merciful god will not remind him of his previous grotesque deeds if he dies a repented being

  5. Democrats love them some criminals, and illegal aliens; but absolutely hate innocent, law abiding American citizens.

  6. Democrats love them some criminals, and illegal aliens; but absolutely hate innocent, law abiding American citizens…especially the white ones.

  7. Our SCOTUS has time for this nonsense, but will not adjudicate the FRAUDULENT ELECTION we just suffered through! Can we IMPEACH the Chief Justice? Where is JUSTICE FOR THE REST OF US, WHILE CONVICTED MURDERERS GET WHATEVER IS ON THEIR WISH LIST?

  8. Peronally in my opinion, if someone is guilty of such a horrandous act and there’s no doubt they’re guilty, than they have no rights for anything other than a few court appeals. Also, the convicted felon shouldn’t be allowed to live 30 years prior to execution. Death roll is a money making B.S. game for prisons. Just my opinion.

    1. It’s a shame liberals care more about the thug that murdered her, than the pain and suffering she went through when he murdered her.

  9. This is one of the clearest examples of hypocrisy on the part of judges all the way up to the Supreme Court Justices. In one breath they do not support worship or freedom of religion then on the other they do when it is in support of a criminal which is their base. Yes, nothing but another double standard by the loony liberal communists in our government.

  10. Having his pastor with him won’t get him into heaven! So —— let him be there, he win’t Want to attend another execution, it isn’t pretty! But—- the criminal deserves to die for his crime!

  11. Okay, no problem!! Bound pastor in shackles & orange jumpsuit w/armed guards around him, walk him to the room, there,,, now he’s Not a threat anymore, proceed punishment asap!! End of dilemma!!

  12. “The quality of mercy is not strained” EXCEPT when a cold blooded killer in involved. It’s amazing how many “discover” religion when they face the reward for their OWN ACTS. Seems to me that in those well known “shelt not’s”, number five talks about killing (type not specified). I firmly believe that these wanton murderers should reap what they sow !!!

  13. Supreme Court you have more important decisions to make. Like will AMERICA BE THE NEXT SOVIET UNION. IS THIS HOW YOU HONOR all those veterans who gave their lives so you can give it to the communists

  14. OK so let his pastor stay with the prick while he is executed
    Now as for 5K to kill these sob’s with all of these chemicals.
    Let us do it this way let him chuck a 20 bottle of hooch, put 20 fentaly patches on him/her, and hey death is 10 mins later.
    So 20 bucks for the booze, and no charge for the patches you can get them from drug confiscations better than 5K.
    put them in in a gas helmet with tight fitting mask, again 20 bucks worth of hooch to let them rest, and the face mask is hooked up to helium or nitrogen or carbon monoxide again 5 mins death.
    Cost 200 bucks (20 bucks for the hooch and 180 bucks worth of gas)
    Hang them high, costs 25 bucks for the rope, reusable
    Shoot the mother 10 bucks for the cost of the ammo!

  15. He deserves the death penalty but he may have become a Christian while in prison. He deserves to have his Pastor then the death sentence.

  16. Piece of crap needs his filthy evil criminal hard BLOWN OFF-the same way he shot that poor innocent girl…and after that may he ROT and BURN in HELL for eternity…

  17. Piece of crap needs his filthy evil criminal hard BLOWN OFF-the same way he shot that poor innocent girl…and after that may he ROT and BURN in HELL for eternity…

  18. He deserves the death penalty but he may have become a Christian while in prison. He deserves to have his Pastor then the death sentence.

    1. If he became a christian in prison, I know of a lot of no longer existent prisoners , who became christians, who knew it was time to meet their maker. Didn’t ask for a pastor, but my question in the end is, if he found jesus in prison, why wasn’t he looking for him at the time he murdered another of God’s children?

  19. He should see his pastor before going into the death chamber. My guess is he wanted to have someone hold his hand. His victim didn’t get that privilege and NEITHER should he!!!!

  20. Willie, it’s time to give your borrowed atoms back to the Universe…you misused them and didn’t deserve them, so welcome oblivion.

  21. I agree that any prisoner sentenced to death has the right to have his pastor, or spiritual leader in the death chamber with him or her. This will not in any way jeopardize or change the final judgment that a criminal will have to face, that judgment coming from the Savior Jesus Christ. I do not see how having a spiritual leader in the death chamber causes any kind of security breach.

  22. He doesnt deserve to see his pastor. He should have been killed years ago. He is now stalling for more time. Put him down like the rabid dog he is now.

  23. Obama & biden has murdered millions , world -wide with the COVID virus they FUNDED their communist chinese wuhan lab in 2015 to develop & release in time for the 2020 election – which was reported by U.S. Congressman Gaetz , last mid-April . & they stole taxpayer funds to do it ! Lets get THEM responsible for their actions , like this 1-time murderer !

  24. The lousy deplorable bastard should have been executed the day after sentencing
    Why do we want to keep the lousy people alive for years

    1. Because democrats love hard criminals. Why you think they support, promote, defend and protect Antifa and Burn, Loot and Murder?

      1. I agree. They cannot hate so much, lie so much and try to destroy all that is good if they have God in their lives. Pelosi and Biden are just hiding behind their faith.

    1. Have the police take the pastor immediately to the execution chamber and finish the sentence. Sounds simple enough to me.

    2. This perp should have considered the desires of his victim and given her the right to have her pastor with her when she was murdered by this evil person. Amazing, isn’t it that he would insist on what he would not allow his victim to have. He doesn’t deserve anything from the state before he dies.

    3. Kagan was nominated to the court to rule on Constitutional issues, by Obama who was Unconstitutional. Obama not natural born, hence never a president, so he couldn’t nominate justices, so all Kagans rulings are null and void.

    4. At the very last we all can ask for God to forgive us, if we REALLY mean it God will know and he will forgive. If not……..then sorry charlie! This last minute is not for us to judge …..God already has and that is what matters in the end!

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