Success of non-woke, Black comic creator draws ire of liberal Democrats

Normally, liberal Democrats would be quick to celebrate a Black content creator achieving massive success in his chosen artistic medium, but in the case of writer, musician, and now comic book author Eric July, precisely the opposite has happened, and apparently, the reason all boils down to politics, as Fox News reports.

The prolific creative force just launched Isom #1 his first foray into the world of comic books, doing so through his own publishing house, Rippaverse, and to date, the endeavor has topped $2 million in pre-order sales for the finished product that is set to ship in August, a fact July touted to his fans on Twitter over the weekend.

Despite the incredible support he has received from fans thus far, however, July has also received backlash from leftists, especially on Reddit, who accuse the outspoken libertarian of falling into the category of “hate groups” whose promotional materials are banned on the site.

According to July, he is in no way a part of any “hate group,” but is “a person that [left-leaning comic fans] simply do not like,” perhaps because he hosts his own anti-woke podcast and has made appearances as a political commentator as part of his self-described “mission to spread liberty, speak out against nonsense and work towards a more free and prosperous society.”

Noting his frustration with the trend in modern entertainment to “beat people over the head with stuff like social justice,” July added that “[t]o see the industry go in the direction that it’s gone kind of lights a fire under you. It’s not like it’s getting any better. These people are doubling down on everything that they’re doing no matter how often the fans reject it.”

Explaining the drive behind the new release, July continued, “I put my money where my mouth is. I just started a comic book company. I told people I’m not beating the audience over the head with my individual political views with this, and that got me called the most ugly names I’ve probably ever been called in my life,” which, according to recent posts on Reddit, include that of a “right-wing nutjob.”

Undaunted, July remains enthusiastic about the venture, saying, “I like seeing people be stoked… . The last five, six years, it’s been rough for a lot of people [because] folks have just been holding their nose as they go through and consume whatever entertainment it is that they’re consuming.”

With Isom #1 intended to serve as the seminal work for a complete Rippaverse Comics universe, it appears that the sky really is the limit for July and a long-awaited opportunity for media consumers hungry for a quality alternative to the force-fed woke agenda that seems to permeate every corner of the entertainment landscape.