STUNNING Mass Arrests – Thousands Affected

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  1. WE have NO OBLIGATION to house, feed, care, educate these invaders.
    Harvest their organs, & blood – it’s the proper thing to do –
    as THEY obviously DO NOT value the lives of their offspring!

    Just b/c I see someone & they have a better QLQ –
    it does NOT mean I can take what is NOT mine.

  2. Out of our country, we don’t want them here, we have our own people to take care of , FIRST !!!!

    America can’t afford to get all the millions of people from all over the world from 3rd world countries to force us to house them, feed them,
    medicate them, educate them !!
    The only reason the marxist party is opening our borders is to get millions of illegal to give them citizenship under the obligation to vote for them,
    so they could make this country into a one party system, which would be the “communist party “
    ( of course they would find a different name for it just to make it sound very “ populist”)
    This is how Chavez and Castro got their power and convinced the gullible people to keep them in power .
    Now Cuba and Venezuela are still communists countries and their people are getting their food from the garbage cans !!!!
    WAKE up AMERICA !!!!!

    1. Because Harris does not have an IQ level that matches her job….she is MIA, and AWOL…….a jailable offense by military tribunal standards.

  3. Reinstate the Trump policy. Build the wall as fast as you can. Throw China Joe Biden out impeach China Joe Biden and Harris alongside of Nasty Nancy Pelosi and Schumer. Clean out Congress and put all Americans In their place.

  4. Biden can be impeached for China and Ukraine. Harris,pelousy,waters,schumer,schiff,oac,Omar tliab, and a bunch of others can all be impeached for inciting violence. Same charges they attempted with Mr. Trump. This can now be used against the accusers.

  5. Add finding all the people who have come here from other countries who have flown into mex to join the mob! The y are the ones here to do us harm! Which is another VERY GOOD REASON TO KEEP ALL ILLEGALS OUT! Its the safety of WE the People! Hush we are not supposed to know lets keep talking kids in cages. Watch how big the cartels andc drugs have become! WE DO NOT NEED another Twin Towers or WORSE! Rats will NOT tell the truth! Focus on the kids…………………………………..NOT! OUR SAFETY! TEACHERS UNION MUST BE DISBANDED! American FIRST!

  6. We need to send Biden, Harris and the rest of the Democrat Party packing, they are hurting the Americans people by their bunch of Bull-shs , Biden is the worst President of the United States since Jimmy Carter .We need to get them out our Government and get Trump back in so he can MAGA.

  7. Hopefully next time voters will do so research on the person they vote for. When a man give a live interview and admits to extortion like China joe did you are as dumb as a box of rocks to vote for him. When his son’s partner gives a live interview telling you that China joe was being paid by the CCP and you vote for him you are even dumber than a box of rocks. When someone wants to give you free stuff and it is not his money you know or should know that it is criminal activity. Let just hope the country can hang in there until the election of 2022. May god have mercy on the USA.

  8. Biden could be impeached for the southern border. He is putting our citizens in danger from the illegal aliens. We have already had at least one murder. We know terrorist have entered. Neither Harris nor Biden are qualified to carry President Trump’s brief case. None of his administration has any organizational skills. If creepy joe thinks having to show an ID to vote is Jim Crow then delta, coke and the doctors have Jim Crow requirements. You have to show an I D to go to the doctor. You have to show ID to get on a plane or go in their work areas. WHO IS THE HYPOCRITE NOW?

  9. Well according to the Biden administration there is no crisis at the border, I wonder what Biden considers a crisis and putting Harris in as the person who will fix this mess is a joke

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