Student hits French President Emmanuel Macron with raw egg during event

On occasion, presidents have been known to be on the receiving end of objects thrown at them by their critics, and French President Emmanuel Macron is the latest to join that list.

According to People, during a recent hospitality event in the city of Lyon attended by France’s president, a 19-year-old student launched a brown, raw egg at the president. Surprisingly, the egg failed to break and appeared to have struck the president in the shoulder area and clearly didn’t cause any harm.

That didn’t stop his bodyguards from taking swift action to get in front of the president in the event of something more dangerous unfolding.

The student reportedly shouted “Vive la revolution!” as he took aim at the president, which, translated, means “Long live the revolution.”

Footage of the egg being launched at the 43-year-old president, who was donning a mask, immediately went viral.

The young protester had reportedly been shouting at the president prior to hurling the egg at him, according to reporters who were on the scene at the time. The reporters added that Macron was even aware of him, saying, “If he has something to tell me, then he can come.”

However, this wasn’t Macron’s first rodeo as far as being assaulted by the public. As NPR reported in June, Macron was slapped in the face, as he was shaking hands, by a random protester during his visit to a small town in southern France.

As far as the perpetrator in the most recent attack involving the raw egg, the 19-year-old protesting student thought to be responsible has already been detained and has been placed in psychiatric treatment for an evaluation.