State trooper under investigation found dead – ruled suicide

A Louisiana state trooper who was under investigation was found dead by police on Wednesday.

His death has been ruled a suicide.

Fox News notes that “the state police have not provided details about the investigation, but sources with knowledge of the investigation told The Advocate that it was ‘drug-related.’

The officer in question was Senior Trooper August “Gus” McKay, a member of the Louisiana State Troopers.

McKay made earlier headlines when he was singled out by the state’s governor for using a racial slur.


McKay made headlines earlier this year after State Police apologized for failing to discipline him when his Apple Watch recorded him using a racial slur and he inadvertently forwarded the recording to a Black colleague.

Gov. John Bel Edwards said it was “unacceptable” State Police failed to discipline McKay in the 2017 incident, adding he was “appalled that such disgusting language was used by a Louisiana State Police trooper.”