Star power: Greg Gutfeld hosts TWO shows that made it into the top five in ratings

Fox News anchor Greg Gutfeld had the distinct honor of appearing twice in the top five most-watched shows among viewers age 25-54, according to Mediaite News

Gutfeld co-hosts The Five, which came in second during last week’s ratings with almost 2.7 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

Gutfeld’s new late-night show, Gutfeld!, rang in fifth in the key demographic, with 364,000 viewers between 25-54, and 1.57 million total viewers.

Rounding out the top five were Tucker Carlson, with his self-named show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and firebrand Sean Hannity with Hannity came in third. The Rachel Maddow Show, bosting Rachel Maddow herself, came in fourth overall but didn’t make the top five in the key demographic.

Fox News was seen as the clear winner with a total daily average of 1.52 million total viewers and 260,000 in the younger demographic, with MSNBC behind them with 1.09 million and third in the demo, with 142,000.

CNN, however, was third in total viewers, averaging 733,000 in total each day, but was second in the demo, with 204,000.

Fox also dominated primetime, averaging 2.53 million viewers with MSNBC averaging 1.84 million. CNN brought up thrid with 1.01 million total viewers.

The perception among many in the media seems to be that conservatives can’t have a strong voice. And while that has held true in much of print journalism, television has told a very different story.

Even with conservatives now divided between networks like Fox News, One America News Network and Newsmax, the right of center commentators are still dominating the ratings while the more traditional hosts do well to break into the top five.

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  1. I gave up watching news on TV and only read it on internet where I can read what interests me and skip what doesn’t.


  3. It’s hard to believe that Donna Brazille is still around after giving Hillary the questions for the debate. Anyone else would be in jail!! I don’t understand it!

  4. After 20 yrs of Fox I moved to Newsmax and love it. Some former fox folks on it and I really like their anchors, contributors and guests. I wasn’t familiar with some of their on air talent but they are fantastic! Used to watch cnn on their second showing at night and saw a vast difference in the coverage from Fox..l had actually watched many of the news stories live and fox repeated what I had watched live….cnn had their own “take”… congrats to Greg!

  5. Although many of the shows on Fox have turn left and off the cliff into the abyss, I’m still hanging on to watch the Greg Gutfeld, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson shows. I would follow them where ever they may decide to go. These are the only shows that kept me turning on to Fox TV, otherwise, I too would be dropping and saying “Goodbye” to Fox and continue to watch the other streaming channel of One America New, The Next News Network, Newsmax and printed on The Epoch Times. I believe, even more people will do the same as time marches on and leave the MSM (both printed as sell as live TV or stream media bias left programs. Sincerely, EAP

  6. I turned off Fox News after about 4 – 5 years of steady watching this show, and turned them of on November 3rd, 2020 and will not turn them on again until they get rid of Juan Williams, Chris Wallace, Donna Brazil and Herald Rivera jus to name few of the undesirables.

  7. I primarily watch Newsmax these days, OAN and The War Room with Steve Bannon on One America’s Voice ,Tucker Carlson and occasionally Hannity.
    These ARE THE ONLY Conservative News outlets on TV. I used to watch nothing BUT FOX…back when they were Fair & Balanced. God Bless the USA 🇺🇸

  8. this will help them get back on top if they continue to speak the truth and not give these false elections counts!! then they will be on top again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. A lot of those who left Fox, should give it another try
    I love the rotating on Fox Primetime an Tucker I truly love 💕
    Worth another visit 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. I’ve tried again but every time I hear juan williams I have to change the channel I like certain people on Fox but won’t listen to the liberals spew their garbage

  10. All we can say..down here on this flat Texas THANK GOD for Fox….for Tucker and Hannity and our girl Laura. Bravos to all who tell it like it is<<!

  11. FOX News alas has become a serious disappointment with the likes of liberals like Juan Williams, Donna Brazil, Neil Cavutoand God only knows how many others on the liberal left. I’m begging Spectrum to PLEASE give us a CHOICE! Please offer OAN and Newsmax as the alternative to FOX. I’ll call them every single day with my request if I have to. I was told they are hearing from a lot of their customers to sign on OAN.

  12. Love Tucker and Gutfeld! Hannity comes in 3rd but still great with me! I’m 68 so count me in the older group with a young conservative heart!

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