SOURCE: Jill Biden looking for a way to remove Kamala Harris from VP position

Political activist and television correspondent Jack Posobiec said during a Wednesday interview that first lady Jill Biden is asking whether the Vice President can be removed from office under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

Posobiec was being interviewed by host and former adviser to the Trump campaign Steve Bannon on his show, “War Room,” when he said that he “got word” over the weekend that the First Lady was asking what the options were for the president to remove a sitting vice president from office.

“That’s how bad it is in the White House,” Posobiec said before being cut off by a surprised Bannon who said he needed more details:

“Woah, woah woah,” Bannon said. “You’re the best source guy for the scoops at the white house. Jill Biden, the wife, is asking around and people can hear this.’Can you remove a sitting Vice President?'”

Posobiec affirmed that was what his sources informed him of, “She’s looking to say, is there something is there anything, does the 25th amendment apply to the vice? Is there anything we can do here to make this happen?

“Because she knows that Kamala Harris is the freight train that is bearing down on Joe Biden. She is out there, and even Daily Mail and a few other places are talking about this, that she doesn’t do events with Biden anymore.

“She did one event publicly with him in October, one event with him in September, she is out on her own doing her own events, ganging her own speeches, making a name for herself completely separate.”

Bannon was surprised and not a little disturbed by the news, but Posobiec went on saying that there are essentially “two administrations now.”

“… you’ve got the Biden Administration, you’ve got the Harris administration, chic is nascent, but they are the one that has all the momentum, that has all the Democrat enthusiasm, and honestly, I’ll tell you another thing, that when people in Washington D.C. want something done … they’re calling Kamala Harris.”