Soros-affiliated group sends letter to FCC discussing need to ‘shoot Republicans’

A report from the Washington Free Beacon reveals that a radical progressive group funded by the Center from American Progress as well as the Open Society Foundations – steered by billionaire philanthropist George Soros – recently sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wondering whether the murder of Republicans would be necessary to restore what they see as the proper societal order.

The left-wing group known as Free Press issued its communication to the FCC in which it called on the agency to “investigate its own history of racism and examine how its policy choices and actions have harmed black people and other communities of color,” and it included the signatures of roughly 5,000 members.

Those who signed onto the letter were afforded the opportunity to leave a comment as well, with Free Press member David Lyons wondering in writing whether he and like-minded individuals would “have to shoot Republican[s] to reclaim our democracy.”

Lyons’ incendiary rhetoric did not stop there, as he further railed that “racist horses**t like FOX and the other ultraconservative outlets and Christians” retained ownership of “most of our media.”

Once Brendan Carr, current commissioner of the FCC, declared the violent language submitted by Lyons to be a disqualifying element, the group withdrew their petition altogether, as the Free Beacon noted.

Though Free Press ultimately claimed that it “deeply regrets” the incident and promised to “closely review public comments” going forward to prevent a repeat scenario, its past conduct does not bode well for any hopes that such a commitment will be fulfilled.

The Free Beacon noted that Jessica Gonzalez, CEO of Free Press has a history of using volatile language to attack ideological adversaries, suggesting back in 2018 that the concept of “civility” as a laudable objective in political discourse is “bullsh**.”

With the characteristic eloquence of so many on the left these days, Gonzalez defiantly declared during the tenure of former President Donald Trump, “If ‘civility’ demands we STFU & politely welcome white supremacists from this administration who are committing atrocities & violence against our communities, then F*** civility.”

The outsized, detrimental impact of Soros’ billions on the American political system is something that has attracted increased scrutiny in recent years, as the left-wing financier has given vast sums of money to groups openly advocating for the defunding of police across the country, to the campaign coffers of radical local prosecutors in America’s largest cities, as well as to organizations pushing initiatives designed to expand and pack the U.S. Supreme Court with liberal justices.