‘Sopranos’ actor Bruce MacVittie dies at age 65

The entertainment world was saddened to learn last week that actor Bruce MacVittie, known by millions for his performances as Danny Scalercio in The Sopranos, died at the age of 65, the fourth noteworthy alum of the legendary HBO series to pass away in recent months.

MacVittie’s death was confirmed to the New York Times on Thursday by his wife, Carol Ochs, though she did not provide a cause of death.

The beloved performer was the latest in a string of deaths connected to the long-running drama, following close on the heels of news from March that actor Paul Herman, who portrayed Peter “Beansie” Gaeta in the show, at the age of 76, as Deadline reported at the time.

Upon Herman’s death, Sopranos co-star Michael Imperioli honored his former colleague on Instagram by saying, “Paulie was just a great dude. A first class storyteller and raconteur and one hell of an actor.”

Sadly, it was just month prior that Ned Eisenberg, who made a memorable cameo appearance in an episode of the show as a character named Ariel, died at 65 following a battle with cholangiocarcinoma and ocular melanoma, as the U.K. Mirror reported.

Eisenberg’s wife Patricia paid tribute to her late husband, sharing with fans that “[o]ver the course of two years, he bravely fought the cancers in private while continuing to work in show business to ensure that his medical coverage paid for himself and his family.”

The tally of deaths in 2022 of famous names and faces who lent their talents to The Sopranos over the years also included that of legendary director Peter Bogdanovich, instantly recognizable to fans of the show for his depiction of psychiatrist Dr. Elliot Kupferberg.

As Variety reported in January, Bogdanovich died at the age of 82, and in addition to his on-camera role in the David Chase-created franchise, he also directed an episode entitled “Sentimental Education” during the show’s fifth season.

The recent spate of deaths among actors whose contributions to a series that rightly occupies a place in the pantheon of television history also serves as a sad reminder of death of James Gandolfini, forever remembered as highly complex mob boss Tony Soprano, who passed away suddenly in 2013 at the age of 51.