Something is very, very wrong in Wisconsin.

Margaret Menge is a professional journalist who has followed Wisconsin politics for a long time – and she has an important message for all of us about just how troubling the numbers in Wisconsin are.

She says:

The State of Wisconsin should not certify its election results until it can get to the bottom of what happened on Election Day. Something is not right. The results do not appear to be accurate.

I’m a longtime journalist and a native of Madison, Wisconsin, and have spent years studying voter rolls, election laws and election returns. I’ve spent the last several days studying the returns from Wisconsin and am convinced that something happened that should not have happened — something that altered the outcome.

The results posted for the upper middle-class Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa, for example, are astounding.

They show Joe Biden with 20,880 votes — 4,564 more than Hillary Clinton’s total of 16,316 in 2016, and 5,660 more than Barack Obama got in 2012 in his re-election run. Trump increased his vote total slightly in the city, from 10,034 votes in 2016 to 10,104 this year.

How did Biden increase his vote total by 28 percent in a city that only recently flipped to become majority Democrat? Who are these additional 4,564 voters who didn’t vote for Clinton four years ago but were motivated to vote for Joe Biden?

Wauwatosa’s population has grown at a rate of less than 0.5 percent a year, on average. In 2010 its population, according to the U.S. Census, was 46,396. It’s now 48,118, according to the 2019 Census estimate.

Similar and even bigger jumps can be seen in almost every suburb in Milwaukee County  — unbelievable vote totals for Biden when compared to both Clinton in 2016 and Obama in 2012, in West Allis, Whitefish Bay, River Hills, Glendale, Fox Point, Cudahy and about every other town and village in the county.

I have a feeling that the answer to Menge’s question is simple – voter fraud.

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