Skepticism mounts over Kamala Harris’ viability as Biden’s heir apparent

Though it has been clear for quite some time that Vice President Kamala Harris has not lived up to Democrats’ lofty expectations, whispers are growing louder by the day that her presumptive status as President Joe Biden’s heir apparent – whether in 2024 or beyond – is increasing jeopardy, as Fox News reports.

Voters in the key state of Virginia recently told the outlet that it in their estimation, it was far from certain that Harris s the right person to step into the fray should the aging and cognitively questionable Biden decide to eschew another campaign for the presidency in the next cycle.

According to a recent survey by Yahoo News/You Gov, a whopping 40% of Biden voters indicated their belief that he should step aside in 2024, but that is not to say that they all have confidence in the electoral prospects of the person he selected as his number-two.

Several people who spoke to Fox News on the subject expressed real doubt about Harris, with a woman named Rosa saying, “I would support her, but I’d be open to other candidates as well in the Democratic Party.”

Another Virginian, a man named Daniel, was far less charitable about the prospect of a promotion for Harris, saying, “I don’t think she deserves the position she is in now. I think she’s a joke, to be honest.”

Reports of Harris’ troubles are nothing new, with Gabriel Debenedetti writing in New York Magazine recently that the doubts and dysfunction surrounding the vice president have been brewing inside the party and beyond for almost as long as she has been in the White House, as evidenced by high turnover among her top staffers and consistently low voter approval numbers.

The perception of Harris as a diminished figure for purposes of national electoral politics was only strengthened in recent days amid reports that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was forced to substantially drop the price tag donors would be charged for a photo-op with the vice president.

That embarrassing news came on the heels of a revelation that the DNC had also postponed for several months its Woman’s Leadership Forum event – which Harris was slated to headline – due to lackluster ticket sales, as Breitbart reported.

When it comes to Harris’ utter unsuitability for America’s highest elected office, the writing is clearly on the wall. Precisely how the Democrat Party will try to save itself from this mess of its own creation is something that remains to be seen, but for conservatives everywhere, the sense of schadenfreude is delightfully real.