Sidney Powell hints at big things to come in Trump fight for presidency

Trump team lawyer Sidney Powell has become the focus of the Trump campaign’s fight against voter fraud. And rightfully, conservatives are hanging on her every word.

Powell gave an interview to the Washington Examiner in which she previewed some of the evidence that she says will place President Trump in the White House for a second term.

“Their system even admits, their own training manual admits, that people can go in and do that. That people can go in and put all kinds of votes in a ‘trash’ folder and then ‘trash’ them,” Powell said. “There are devices on the internet that can be used to see it, and we have multiple people who actually saw it as it was happening. We essentially have some pictures of it, and it is terrifying, and it is a huge national security issue. Why have the Department of Justice and the FBI not done something on this immediately?”

The Examiner notes that “Powell said that although there are many ways in which the voters were defrauded of a fair election, her representation in the president’s case focuses on the use of voting machines that have been mired in controversy since the day of the election.”

“Powell said Dominion “is moving” operations in an effort to hide from accusations of fraud and accused the company of “shredding documents and God knows what else.” She accused Dominion of being “foreign-owned” but operating as a shell company in the United States with ties to George Soros.”

“They share office space with one of George Soros’s groups,” Powell said. “His No. 2 man heads up an operation out of England, but the money for it was all funded from Venezuela, and Cuba, and communists. We’ve got an eyewitness to all of it who has given a foreign affidavit that he saw it all done, and the purpose it was done for was to rig elections.”

This is getting more and more interesting. We’ll keep you posted as the story develops.

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    1. Now if only Sidney and the other lawyers would get the ball rolling and launch some law suits instead of just talking about what they are going to do.

  1. I am praying for you. May God bless you efforts and keep you safe. The Democrats will do any thing to keep this from coming out.

    1. Yes!! Praying also!! She is keeping her cards close to her…which is a very positive move. Until the proper authorities (Judges) see what she has, she is wise to do this. Keep these documents safe and secure!

  2. President Trump won in a landslide! nothing they can do will make us in Florida and conservatives all over believe any different. The Democrats have shown how dirty they can really be this presidential election was a farce, they trying to steal it they played their crooked games as usual and God will get them in the end!

    1. Theresa, I agree with you 100% and President Trump did win by a landslide. The democommie crooks are nothing but the scum of the U.S.A. I feel that they kept creepy Joe in the basement because every time he came out the IDIOT would stick his foot in his mouth and also the fix was being setup.

  3. I hope and pray that she is right on everything and it will be verifiable and undeniable so that the Supreme Court will overturn the election… We all know that Joe Biden DID NOT WIN !!

    1. If y’all are looking God’s hand is on what is being brought to light showing that democrats have been doing dirty things The VOTING MACHINES THAT VOTERS USED EVEN THE ONES IN MY STATE OF TX were riged to give China Biden the edge BUT LOOK WHAT HAPPENS WHEN GOD’S PUTS HIS HANDS ON IT CHEATERS NEVER WIN

  4. Please do NOT give up on bringing corruption to light. This MUST NOT happen. President Trump must serve the next four years to save our nation, Keep up the good work

  5. Go Sidney Powell. Show them that you an attorney not to be messed with! And that you mean business, when you have all this evidence! I’m sorry on behalf of all these people saying show me the evidence. We live in a society where everybody wants things right now and have things done right now! All these people just need to chill out and be patient! Good luck!

  6. The fraud must be clarified. The elections were funded with tax payers money. The voters must know everything about the fraud in accordance to the Constitution.

  7. I hope our courts are honest enough to correct this fraud, but more than anything else my desire is for Gods Will to be done. I cannot help thinking of Sodom!

  8. God bless you & keep you & yours safe Sidney Powell & all of the attorneys attached to these
    Findings. America is with you!

  9. Sidney asked, ” Why have the Department of Justice and the FBI not done something on this immediately?” Sound familiar? Why did the FBI sit on Hunter Biden’s laptop for eight months? Why did the FBI wait until a whistleblower went to the President’s lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, to acknowledge they had the laptop? Why didn’t the DOJ/FBI investigate Joe and Hunter’s arrangements for “pay to play” schemes in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere? Why didn’t anyone question why Hunter Biden was traveling on Air Force 2 with his Dad, the VP, on several private business trips? Good government lawyers could put the whole Biden family along with a ton of other employee’s and probably Obama as well (he had to know and approve) in jail for their corruptness.

    WE the PEOPLE Govern this country, NOT the DEEP STATE and NOT the MEDIA!
    Government By the People, For the People!
    Why are Barr and the FBI not doing anything? one conclusion: DEEP STATE!
    God Bless President Trump and all who are fighting this despicable corruption!
    God Bless America!

  11. It is no good asking why it was or wasn’t done. The answer is to do it ourselves so we know it was done. We already know the FBI is useless. We learned this from Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Rosenstein and Comey. We now realize that Wray is useless. Get rid of him. Always begin at the top and work down until you can find someone who is honest and truthful and then give him the go ahead to sort out the rest of them. Get it moving. We have stagnated. Even AG Barr and Durham take to long to weed out the rats in the sewer. The only thing that takes longer is our justice system.

  12. Thank you so very very much Sidney!! We (republicans) all know this election was truly “rigged”! I appreciate all that you and the team are doing for our GREAT POTUS and pray that the final results will be in his favor! Lord knows and sees all!

  13. May you be protected doing your job & stay healthy & stronge
    By Opening of the corruption- folks don’t want to be caught – those who won’t believe this could happen in USA & use every excuse
    The future of Free USA is at hand — look at the other countries where it started same way
    Riots. Fires no religion. Tearing down statues etc. I’m so sick over picking apart of everything but most important issues to keep us a free caring country. And charity begins at home
    Our Veterans -our seniors -the disabled -the depressed our children grandchildren education etc. right now biggest buyer most likely to be winner. The evil hand of devil with money & power. Elections all same amount of money to sell themselves. Jobs since there’s a race issue just a number & one who is fully qualified has it. Not who you know what you know your religion your race

  14. Our biggest evil came out of China – man made virus & has done the world WRONG
    But they want the CONTROL OVER ALL THE WORLD

  15. This woman will be the next head of the FBI if President Trump is confirmed as the next president of the United States. GO SYDNEY

  16. Get US Marshals, Dept Homeland Security, NSA and investigate. Once Trump in second term fire all in FBI and CIA; Sadly good with bad.
    Start over with clean new agency.

  17. Go full blast on the stealing and fraudulent charges I know President Trump won this election fair and square he earned every vote !!! Only the cowardly would steal something from The American People And President . May they rot in hell for all they have done

  18. We know the FBI is useless but where’s Barr ? Why isn’t he stepping in and thereby also Republican governors who have stepped back . We’re told vote Republican across the board so we have majority backing our President and yet we have Republicans folding for the Democrats. I hope those republicans are being remembered so they can get voted out of office in two years if our president doesn’t make it.

  19. I like Ms Powell and Trump should have made her AG from 1st damn day in office. Or a guy like Tom Fitton who is not afraid of anyone who must get to the truth. Good Luck and I pray you win…now and in the future.

  20. Good job Sidney. Keep going. Where is the DOJ and the FBI? Restore the integrity and trust on our election system. Are the secrecy ballot envelopes with signatures kept and preserved? They might come handy.

    God Bless you Sidney and your team and to all people who believe in law and order and above all the integrity and sanctity of our election process.


  21. Thank you Sydney Powell and Rudy Guliani, and Ms. Ellis for all the work to prove that President Trump will get a second term. The Democrats are evil and will destroy this country if they get in. This has been planned for a long time and it needs to STOP now. God bless you all in getting this done honestly and fairly.

  22. Praying for our President everyday. Also praying for Rudy, Sidney, Lin Wood, Jenna Ellis and the whole legal team. Lord give them wisdom in their efforts to bring evidence to just justices who will bring the truth to the American people and re-elect our precious President Trump.

  23. It is time to censor Facebook and twitter for their censorship. Aren’t they “ supposed “ to be a public forum for the people? Guess not, since ONLY the hollywierdos, demonrats and their ilk can slander, threaten, accuse and NOTHING is done about them! If everyone leaves Facebook and twitter and go to parler and others like them, Facebook and twitter will loose a LOT of money! Sidney Powell and the other of President Trumps attorneys need to blow this entire farce of an election up in the demonrats faces! Prove vote rigging, stealing and go after ALL the rats involved! That would be true justice for the American people for once. The FIRST rat I would go after is Obammy! He is behind all this, set it up before he left office, so killary would win. Now his nose is out of joint because his plot failed( temporarily) so he is really pulling off the greatest cheat in the history of our country! We cannot let this go on unchallenged! We must fight this tooth and nail to save our country! If Biden is allowed to steal this election, our country will be gone, our rights and freedoms gone, and all who disagree with the demonrat agenda will be exterminated!

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