Sidney Powell hints at big things to come in Trump fight for presidency

Trump team lawyer Sidney Powell has become the focus of the Trump campaign’s fight against voter fraud. And rightfully, conservatives are hanging on her every word.

Powell gave an interview to the Washington Examiner in which she previewed some of the evidence that she says will place President Trump in the White House for a second term.

“Their system even admits, their own training manual admits, that people can go in and do that. That people can go in and put all kinds of votes in a ‘trash’ folder and then ‘trash’ them,” Powell said. “There are devices on the internet that can be used to see it, and we have multiple people who actually saw it as it was happening. We essentially have some pictures of it, and it is terrifying, and it is a huge national security issue. Why have the Department of Justice and the FBI not done something on this immediately?”

The Examiner notes that “Powell said that although there are many ways in which the voters were defrauded of a fair election, her representation in the president’s case focuses on the use of voting machines that have been mired in controversy since the day of the election.”

“Powell said Dominion “is moving” operations in an effort to hide from accusations of fraud and accused the company of “shredding documents and God knows what else.” She accused Dominion of being “foreign-owned” but operating as a shell company in the United States with ties to George Soros.”

“They share office space with one of George Soros’s groups,” Powell said. “His No. 2 man heads up an operation out of England, but the money for it was all funded from Venezuela, and Cuba, and communists. We’ve got an eyewitness to all of it who has given a foreign affidavit that he saw it all done, and the purpose it was done for was to rig elections.”

This is getting more and more interesting. We’ll keep you posted as the story develops.