Shocking Ted Cruz video footage of border facility emerges – despite coverup attempt

Over the past several weeks as the crisis on the southern U.S. borders continued to escalate, President Joe Biden’s administration seemingly took extra measures to prevent the press from covering the disastrous conditions at many of the facilities currently holding unaccompanied minors.

According to Breitbart, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and several of his Senate colleagues took a trip to the border to get a feel for what’s happening on the ground. While taking video of conditions at one facility, Cruz reported that someone, who he believes to be a Biden staffer, attempted to block him from taking video, proving just how terrified Biden truly is of footage of the conditions leaking to the press.

During a Sunday morning interview on Fox News, Cruz allowed the network to play the footage, which was taken at the Donna, Texas facility that has received a bulk of the press coverage for the past two weeks, given the overcrowded, horrendous conditions in which the children are being kept.

“It’s massive. It’s designed to hold a thousand people, but under COVID restrictions, its capacity is 250. It right now has over 4,000 people in it. It is at a 1,500% capacity, and that meant you saw in these cages children, little boys and little girls, side by side, they’re not 6-feet apart,” Cruz explained in the video.

In the video footage, it’s clear that the person was attempting to block the senator from filming, telling him, “Please give dignity to the people. Please give dignity to the people” in a plea to get him to stop.

Cruz held nothing back as he criticized the Biden administration for letting the conditions worsen to such a point that his staffers have been instructed to prevent video footage being taken by sitting U.S. senators.

“Your policies are unfortunately trying to hide them. I understand that you were instructed. I respect them, and I want to fix this situation, and the administration that you work for is responsible for these conditions,” Cruz told the unidentified woman.

It’s not a stretch at this point to assume that Biden’s promise of “transparency” during his presidential campaign was nothing more than a politically expedient lie to the American people, as his administration is rapidly devolving into one of the most non-transparent in U.S. history.