Shocking Biden And Kamala Photo Shows All

Nailed it.

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  1. Easy to check absolutely PROVEN math. 99.84% of the US population has either survived COVID or were never infected with the virus. Worldwide, it’s 99.97%. Believe the truth not the propaganda.

  2. Another example of the do as I say rule but not as I do, we are told to keep a lest 6′ between other people that does not look like 6 feet to me besides hurting the effort to get this mess under control they are also destroying the nation

  3. all i can say to you is you are sad and dangerous — you are criticizing the president for setting a good example wearing a mask and you will not get a shot to protect you and all those you come in contact with —– it is hard to control my contempt

  4. Why get a shot and still have to do the same thing as if you didn’t have one. Makes no sense. So….. now we are to wear masks forever…… next it will be 10 masks are the best. How about a pillow for fuci face mask. Democrat poster boy.

  5. Pure “Photo Op”
    It’s so phony and hypocritical !
    On 1/20/2021 after Biden’s declaration of wearing masks on Government property, he goes before the Lincoln Memorial unmasked!
    Did he FORGET what he had just declared (?)
    Look at the “data & science” (CDC, Dr. Fauci, etc.) after being vaccinated you can be with other people who have been vaccinated!
    Oh, Biden also said in an interview with ABC I believe that “now I can hug my grandchildren without a mask” (he was hugging them at Christmas and on Jan. 20th) Hmm….
    All a show !

  6. They are probably wearing their masks because THEY KNOW THEY ALLOWED THOUSANDS OF ILLEGALS ACROSS OUR BORDER THAT HAS COVID-19!


  7. Look at kamalas mask. it is a mesh type of mask. you can see her face through this mask..any thing for a photo opt.

  8. I won’t get a “vaccination” that isn’t really a vaccine, but an experimental gene altering drug. What? You won’t eat a Genetically Modified tomato, but you think it’s a good idea to genetically modify your genes? I want to see what this “vaccine” will engender 2 years from now. Lots of guinea pigs in the land of the fraidy cats.

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