Shock News – 13 Officers GUNNED DOWN – Please Pray

This is coming to a community near you, thanks to Biden.

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9 Responses

  1. Why does this happen on the Democratic watch people from Mexico who are drug lords are foaming at the mouth because of the new rules
    that say
    Biden let us in
    these shirts came from Mexico not from the US
    13 police officers being ambushed has been one of too many incidents that have created a hostile environment and people dying for drugs is just not the way we want to go

  2. Very sorry to hear about the 13 officers who where gunned down, but like others I believe that the root cause of this is the Biden administration and their refusal to admit that there is a crisis at the border leads right back to the weak person sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office

  3. Democratic thugs and thieves!!!
    You’re the true enemies of America, you stole our election from our President Trump and all of 75 millions of Americans who voted for Trump. Democratic thugs and thieves, you’re so greedy and evil, you destroyed America, hurting us and stork and set up all of the crime against the Republicans, manipulated people to get everyone to voted for your evil political game and keep yourself in power.

  4. Maybe Now Mexico WILL LISTEN to The ” Problems The ILLEAGALS ” Are Causing Because of Biden !!!

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