Sheriff: Tiger Woods had no evidence of impairment in ugly crash

As the world prayed for golf superstar Tiger Woods after a vehicle accident left him in the hospital, a CNN sports anchor used the moment to spread ugly rumors.

CNN sports anchor Andy Scholes said he was “not surprised” by what happened because “painkillers have become a part of his life.”

Hold on a second there CNN – there’s zero evidence that Tiger was impaired. In fact, the responding agency, LA County Sheriff, said just the opposite.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Woods, 45, was involved in a single-car accident on Tuesday morning after he hit the median, crossed multiple lanes of traffic, before hitting the curb, a tree, and ultimately flipping the vehicle multiple times, according to county Sheriff Alex Villanueva. Fire authorities had to extricate Woods from the vehicle. He was wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash, according to Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who was the first on-scene.

“No evidence of impairment at this point in time,” Villanueva said during a Tuesday evening press conference. “The first contact was with the center median, and from there, then crossed into the opposing lane of traffic, hit the curb, hit a tree, and there were several rollovers during that process.”

In contrast to CNN’s nasty rumor-mongering, President Trump had a classy response. “Get well soon, Tiger. You are a true champion!” Trump said in a quote shared on Twitter by his spokesman and adviser Jason Miller.

Woods has been known to golf with Trump, and has of course drawn fire from the liberal media for doing so.

Read the full story here.

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  1. Greetings everyone, This webpage is terrific and so is how the matter was expanded. I like some of the comments as well although I would prefer we all maintain it on topic in order add value to the subject.

  2. Just the Commie News Network lying again…..nothing new from the propagandists. I hope we one day get back to holding this trash accountable.

  3. Personally,…. I Like What Mr. (Terry A. Bell) …Said about in His Comment. GOOD FOR YOU – TERRY.!!! People need to Wake Up and Note that Tiger Woods…. IS NOT REALLY THE SAINT…. That People Think He Is. For That Car to Travel As Far As It Did and Destroy and Damage Things In It’s PATH and Then Get Damaged As It Did…… That So Called “Mr. Saint” – Was GOING WAY TOOOOOOO FAST….PERIOD.!!!! IT IS DAMN GOOD THING THAT NO ONE ELSE GOT HURT IN HIS TOTALLY SPEEDING EPISODE….

  4. He is a friend of Trump therefore he deserves to be maligned and skewered by CNN and any other fake news source. I sincerely hope that Tier puts on of his lawyers on this immediately and brings the cretin from CNN to his knees.

  5. If people knowing that CNN only promotes communist views would quit watching these morons they would soon be out of business. They are s liberal communist organization spreading untruths.

  6. CNN can’t get much lower. What a nasty Biden propaganda machine. That’s who citizens voted for, a communist regime. Unbelievable.

  7. Americas Media is more dangerous to the American way of life than any terrorist. Along with the Democrats and US Justice Department they are destroying America in my opinion.

  8. Yes, get the facts straight! Of course, we know that is never going to happen with fake news outlets like CNN. This is why we are so desperate to protect our Constitution and our freedoms.
    Why is it they they only bring past history up about the better people in our world?
    Where is Hunter? Scot free at this point and no one even mentions his name. What about old Joe’s history folks? No one to allowed to talk about that either. Hateful people make themselves more hateful with every step they take.
    God Bless you Tiger.
    We love you and will continue praying for your complete recovery.

  9. Where does the Clinton News Network get their reporters from? Do they have to embellish stories just to get people to watch them?
    If I were Tiger Woods, I would go after Andy Scholes and his bosses for false reporting.
    You keep bombarding the fake news outlets, such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and so on with defamation, slander and libel lawsuits, maybe then, they would make sure their “reporters” got their facts straight, before submitting stories, instead of indicting and convicting the subject before the facts are released.
    HEY CNN! You are innocent until PROVEN guilty.
    No wonder, real journalists don’t exist any more. They’ve been replaced by rumor mongers
    We could get more accurate reporting from the National Tattler.

  10. People tend to give their opinions, so here’s mine. I think tiger is on something just like biden, maybe weed or other drugs. There seems to be a focus problem with them both.

  11. I absolutely agree with President Trump! Tiger is a true hero. He is my favorite golfer and I have cheered for him as long as he has been in Professional Golf!

  12. CNN has very strongly proven that they and their “so-called” reporters (who know very little about reporting and, in my personal opinion, have little to no ethics or morals) are very nasty people. I, personally, refuse to watch or listen to anything that they have on television or radio or in the printed media! I certainly would not, ever, recommend their productions to anyone interested in what is or has actually happened!

  13. CNN you have a place in a very hot place for your lying.This attack is because Tiger Woods is a friend of President Donald J Trump

  14. Is it any of CNN’s business to say their opinion on news ??? Why don’t they report real journalism instead of making up stories ??? When I was in journalism everything was fact checked and not over the air or a reporters opinion – what’s happened to plain facts in a report ??? CNN (Communist News Network or something of that nature) really needs to get with real news and not opinions – opinions are a dime a dozen – facts are real life !!! Where do they get their journalists from (if you can call them that) – a dime store display of “make up news people” maybe ???

  15. CNN is full of their own BS. I quit watching CNN a long time ago got tired of the lying and miss information.
    Newsmax has great non-biased news.

  16. There’s no reason to complain about anything, because no ones listening. We need President Trump back he cared. Joe doesn’t even know where he is!

  17. i seriously doubt that a professional golfer would be using drugs that would impair any of his motor skills, as for the reporter for commie casterated news, never any truth to any story.

  18. The Press can’t type, they can’t dictate their reports because of the number of tokes they take every ten seconds so HOW do they get their reports done? Pure mystery.

  19. I,hope Tiger was not USING his cellphone while driving. I am a retired truck driver and have seen many people drive DISTRACTED and wonder if they have a clue to how dangerous that is. IF HE WAS ON HIS CELLPHONE HE SHOULD MAKE THIS AN AWARENESS TO ALL DRIVERS .

  20. Not a surprise that CNN, a very slimy news network would report the news of Tiger Woods in that manner. It is a good indication that CNN has not improved at all in their reputation of fake news and erroneous reporting to the point that everyone would be better informed if they NEVER listened to them.

  21. Typical CNN Commentary about any conservative. It so happen it happen to be a well known Athlete and again a reporter that doesn’t know much and never did tries to add failed information , that if not disputed by other the Tiger would have more then likely becom fact

  22. Prayers for Tiger Woods and prayers for the Trump family .President we need you now Biden is driving the United States so far under we never make it back

      1. We all should start spreading lies about all those so-called “journalists” at CNN. When asked for proof. Just say it was from a source that wishes to remain anonymous. Start something like “rumors have it that Chris Cuomo was caught in bed with Don Lemon”.

    1. Thank You Hilda, So True on Sleepy, Demented Joe…I wonder how many of His Son Hunters’ Drugs Sleepy Joe has Used? As For Tiger & Trump, They are such TOP American Heros, Than ANY of the Hollywood “Actors”…..

    2. AMEN, Hilda, to your prayers! But despite how low MISTER Biden and his puppeteers drive us down, I still have hope that with God in control, we WILL eventually make it back. Even though that right now, it looks pretty dire! 🙁

  23. Just like fake news CNN. Why don’t they say anything about the crooked Como, Governor, or Schumer, Pelosi, and Schiff and a lot others? Let’s be fair.

    1. The media and the bulk of Democrats are so absorbed by hate its hard to know if America can survive as a free moral nation.
      That includes our new leadership Kow towing to Red China.

    2. Yeh! I agree. And I don’t need to be anonymous! 40 years in the new reporting business, and that is what I have been seeing: slanted news all around, except now fortunately we have FOX, where brave people stick their necks out! Then maybe they get sued for speaking the truth. Sarah L. Cook, Barnet VT, where grow more liberals than corn!. SLC

      1. I’m “not surprised” at what A. Sholes said
        After all he’s anchor bait for merely CNN
        His job is to sell headlines though they
        Get pulled out from somewhere else instead

    1. it’s not surprising Big Tech and the liberal media goes out of their way to censor Conservative voices while American hating trash like CNN is allowed to spew their hate laced with lies on a daily basis !!!!!!!!

    2. Exactly! We all need to continue to point out every chance we get on how bad CNN (Communist News Network) is. The left wants to shutdown OANN, NewsMax and FOX but maybe CNN should be on the chopping block.

      1. I’m “not surprised” at what A. Sholes said
        After all he’s anchor bait for merely CNN
        His job is to sell headlines though they
        Get pulled out from somewhere else instead

    3. There they go again…mainstream media securing their position as one of the major enemies of
      the American People. You can guess who the other ones are.

    4. My solution is, don’t purchase any products from any of their advertisers. They will get the picture. Money talks.

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